Online shopping is as accessible and popular as it's ever been. And though that means there is greater opportunity for online retailers, there is also greater competition. Consumers are bombarded by promotional material across social media and elsewhere online, so crafting an online listing or promotion that catches the eye requires skill and deep understanding of your target market.

How can marketers craft online listings that truly speak to their audiences?

Consumer psychology should be at the top of your mind when creating a listing. At the core of your product or service is an emotion that it can evoke. When someone uses that product, what emotion should they be feeling? That emotion should be represented in the copy of your listing.

People respond best to positive emotions that give them a sense of hope, belonging, or accomplishment—just to name a few.

Though it's important to connect with consumers on a more personal level, it's also crucial that you add value and authority to your product listing. You can do so via research, stats, testimonials and other fact-based evidence that back up claims. Some consumers respond more to emotional arguments, whereas others require analytical reassurance, so plan to provide both.

The core of your product or service is a solution that the buyer needs or wants. Your listing should be clear about how you meet that need or want. You should also anticipate additional questions and concerns—and address them in the listing.

Another important consideration is pricing. Highlight any promotions or price decreases, because people feel better about their purchase if they know they're getting a deal. If you offer different options with different pricing tiers, display them side-by-side; consumers will more than likely go for your middle-tier option. The middle option is perceived as a better deal than the top-tier option, and perceived as of a greater quality than the lowest-tier option. Studies also show that the center option is visually appealing due to the centerstage effect.

For more on how to elevate your online listing practices, check out the following infographic, courtesy of ForSaleByOwner. The visual guide covers the above tips as well as timing, visual optimization, and additional tactics to help you break through the noise.


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Tips for Online Listings That Grab Attention and Generate Sales [Infographic]

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