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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Name For A Online Gift Store

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
Hey guys,

I am in desperate need of a name for a Online store that I am trying to create. My store will concentrate on selling items ranging from Necklaces to Stuff Animals (its basically items that I find that are cute or trendy). In a way, these items can be considered gifts.

- My main target audience will be women ages 18-35.
- It does not need to have an actual meaning, just has to be catchy.
- I would like the name to have 3 words at most, But two would be best
- My future goal is to be able to imprint this name on items, so I would prefer the name not to sound cheesy.
- Name must have a Domain Name available (I've been using to check for names.)

I personally have been trying to find names that depict "giving gifts from the heart" or names that indicate that these are simple gifts that mean something. If you have an idea on a slogan, that would be great too.

I really appreciate any suggestions, I have been holding off the launch of this store for to long. All I really need is a name now.


  • Posted on Accepted
  • Posted by Ghost Writer on Accepted
    The following are available as dot coms ...

    Thoughtful Stuff

    Gift Lid

    Gift Jack


    Gift Brigade

    The Neatest Stuff (can you beleive '' is available? well, it is)

    Mighty Neat

    Air-Cooled Stuff

    Groovy Particle Shop (

    So Hip It Hurts (

    That should get you started ...

  • Posted on Accepted is available ....
  • Posted by DougM on Accepted

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