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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Looking For A Tagline For My Daycare

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I'm opening a daycare called, From Cradle 2 Crayons and i'm looking for a catchy tagline.
I'll mostly be working with infants and toddles.
I'm trying to stay away from the usual "daycare/childcare" cute feel. I'll be located in the middle of downtown in the shopping/business section and I would like to attract more business clients.

I'm not creative therefore i'm seeking assistance.


  • Posted by michael on Member
    "Bring home with you">>>geared to the employee

    "A heart in the heart of the city">>>geared to the employer


  • Posted on Member
    "You do your work, we'll do ours"

    "You love to work, we love to play"

    "Happy working"

    "B2B Day Care"

    "For Stress-free Work Days"

    "We'll be the Day Parents"
  • Posted by sham on Member
    how about,

    "we care them as much as you do"

    "day care with a difference"

    "substituting the parents in the day"

    hope this helps you
  • Posted on Member
    How about

    Helping make your life a little bit easier.
    Nurturing and helping your child grow.

  • Posted on Member

    As a mother, I find that it's important that my child would be withing a close distance during the day, so that if needed I could be summoned instantly, so:

    Your kids are close to our hearts & close to your office

    The best day-care for the working mom's baby

    Especially tailored for the working mom's baby

    I hope this helps,

    Good luck

  • Posted by DougM on Accepted
    Drawing on our past to help safeguard your future!
  • Posted by DougM on Member
    We are the CARE in Daycare.

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