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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Real Estate Tagline

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
Hello all!
I'm looking for a catchy tagline that I can use for my real estate business. I am a Realtor in Minneapolis, and I'm looking for a professional, fun and witty tagline. Any suggestions would help!
I work for Capital Realty, Inc.
and my name is Nicole Van Patten

  • Posted on Accepted
    Dear friend, in my view what suits the best tagline is "touch the future."What u say about this.IF this suits then fine else tell me what king of tag you want.
  • Posted on Accepted

    Young has its benefits too! There is no need to try and be what you are not, but I believe that you should try and emphasize or stand out for what you are!
    Young is fresh. full of vigour and ambition, etc. Tap on that. Let me try to show you what I mean:

    If the word 'real estate' or some version of it appears in your name than you don't need it in your tag line. You can write something like this:

    Energy and Excellence that work for you!

    Service Forte - Working for you
    The Fresh Approach to Real Estate
    Get Excellent Results Fast!

    or something like that

    Hope that helps

  • Posted on Accepted
    capital realty inc., your home, your life
  • Posted on Member
    I'm a Real estate broker starting out in the Marco Island, Florida area.

    Help I need a great tag line.

    I will be specializing in the luxury market
    $5 Mil and up.

    thank you.

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