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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Name & Tagline For Healthcare Media Company

Posted by Anonymous on 500 Points
Hi there fellow marketers,

I could really use your help & inspiration. I need a brandname and a tagline for a mediacompany that will exploit media within the healthcare industry (think narrowcasting with televisions sets with combined healthcare content and spots).

We'd prefer a relatively short name, so healthcaremediagroup is out of that range for instance.

Also we need a name that we are likely to claim on the web (which makes it even harder - however a .com is not primarily necessary).

The name has to be suitable for both the healthcare industry (so healthcaretargets, reachyourhealthcareprospects and the likes are too much) and the advertising market.

We've tried all sorts of combination with words like:
Health, Healthcare, Medical, Med, Care
Media, Channel, TV, Network, Cast
but we haven't found the *right one* yet. Don't use this list as a guideline, just to let you know what we were playing around with.


  • Posted on Accepted
    MedLine (like Headline)

    Narrowcasting Healthcare Headlines/Info/Content

    Hope that gives you a few ideas to work on, although I didn't check any of them for open domains (sorry, no time)

    Best of luck

  • Posted on Accepted

  • Posted on Accepted
    how about

    MD TV
    Media, MD.
    Dr. TV

    Maybe not these combinations, but along these lines
  • Posted by DougM on Accepted
    MedCast - is available

    Med-Cast - is available

    TV Medcast (like TV Broadcast) is available

    MD-TV (thanks dede) is available

    Media Medical -
  • Posted by DougM on Member
    MedCast - is available

    Med-Cast - is available

    TV Medcast (like TV Broadcast) is available

    MD-TV (thanks dede) is available

    Media Medical -
  • Posted by darcy.moen on Accepted

    There is a domain available using this name according to, but I won't mention it in this forum to prevent someone else grabbing it. Contact me privately off forum (via my profile at marketing profs) and I'll email you the full domain. You may be most pleased with the way it ties in.

    I'm kind of curious what your business is about as I'm doing something similar with my business but in a different market/channel (bars and restaurants).

    Darcy Moen

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