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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Need Name, Slogan For A Painting Company

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
Me and my friend have a combined experience of over 30 years and we want to offer top quality work. We wont be the most expensive, but certainly not the cheaper service. We will be concentrating on finding 80% work in repainting interiors and exteriors of houses. We need an original name and a catchy slogan. Anybody have an idea ?

  • Posted on Accepted
    "Look at that finish!"

    I know, I know, it doesn't includes your names, or words suchs as "partners", "&s on"; it doesn't have a pun like "Top Strokes"; it doesn't refer to being quite expensive (most difficult position to defend with price-conscious customers) nor does it reference how long you've had brushes in your hands...

    What it refers to is what customers who might like quite expensive are *actually* looking for ( I say this as both a recent customer and as a specifier of decorating services for clients) They know it can be done extremely well, for sure, but they don't see why they should pay over the odds for artists.

    What it does is focus on the result you deliver for the customer (what), which is far better than talking about how you produce it and how much it costs
  • Posted on Member
    By the way, absolutely concur with rbauman's great advice on how to identify and focus on differentiators. Still essential for defining your brand (and working out who your real target market is)
  • Posted on Accepted
    Beautiful Job.
    A Professional Painting Company.

    (Your Name) & (Partner's Name)
    We're Beautiful Inside & Out

    Pretty. Good. Painters

  • Posted on Author
    Thanks for the help guys

    My friend seems to be hung up on the name Coral Paint Works
    Its pretty abstract, but perhaps it could work with the right slogan? Or throw the idea away ?
  • Posted by Jo Masterson on Accepted
    Some quick ideas….

    Practical Painting - We paint so you don’t have to!
    Fresh Coat Painting - Refresh your tired walls
    Two Painters - To paint, or not to paint?
    Perfect (or Prime) Painting – 30 years of practice

    Is it Coral as in color, sea life, town…? If Coral has some meaning this may work, otherwise I might keep looking….

    Coral Paint Works or Coral Painting?
    We paint so you don’t have to!
    Refresh your tired walls.

    Good Luck,
  • Posted on Accepted
    Are you on the coast? Is there some geographic reference for Coral. It could work, otherwise it seems rather abstract to me and some what tough to support. (of course it is nearly 2AM).

    Having hired a painters for my home I can tell you some of my concerns were: are they reputable, reliable, use quality products, listen to my requests then give their professional opinion, identify any problem areas beforehand, finish the job in a reasonable amount of time and stand behind their work if there's a problem.

    The best one didn't have a fancy name or tagline.....he had all the business he could handle by referral.

    Obviously name and tagline have value, I'm just throwing out some things to think about based on my experience as a consumer.

    A name that encompasses all that is something like TrueColors. (add Paint Works if you want) That has multiple meanings, and is nicely reinforced by stobi's tagline of "A Professional Painting Company."

    So visually it would read....

    A Professional Painting Company.

    That (or something close to it), would make me want to call you.
  • Posted on Accepted
    Coral Coat - A Painting Company

    The Coral DeVinci -- Painting the Future

    VanGO Painting -- by van we go -- painting mo
  • Posted on Author
    Nice work homeplate ! I think I could use that, or something very similar. Thanks
    Yes We're on the West Coast, 5 minutes from the beach.
  • Posted by admin on Accepted
    I know it's only brush and roll but I like it


    Don't try to lay no boogy woogy on the king of brush and roll

  • Posted on Accepted
    How about:

    Master Crafts Painting

    Modern Masterpiece Painting

    Tag: We Treat Your Home Like A Piece of Art
  • Posted by sdsondhi on Accepted
    How about:

    Facelift painters - make your interiors look younger.

    If you provide various shades you could go for something like:
    16bit painters - only 65536 color choices.
    or on similar lines:
    n-bit colors - <2 to the nth power symbol> colors with an n-chanting finish.

  • Posted on Member
    "Turning your house into a home."
    "From bleak to sleek."
    "We make house calls."
    "Magic PaintBRUSH."
    "A house for all seasons."
    "We work like a HOUSE afire."
    "Put your HOUSE in order."
    "PAINTing sunshine with every brush stroke."
    "Painting the clouds with sunshine."
    "For the house of your dreams."
    "Love that house!"

  • Posted on Accepted
    Coral paint - "Revitalizing your home"
    Coral paint - "Making your home more shiny"
    Coral paint- "For your dream home"
    Coral paint- "colouring your dream"
    Coral Paint- "Let your wall feel our 30 years of Experience"
    Coral paint- "Feel mark of perfection"
    Coral Paint- "Your Home is our Heaven"
    Coral Paint- "Bringing back smile on your walls"
    Coral Paint- "The affordable painting company"
    Coral Paint- "Color up your home"
    Coral paint- "Quenching the thirst of your wall"
    Coral Paint- "Immortalizing your wall"
    Coral Paint- "Giving life to your wall"
    Coral Paint- "Interiors and exterios at the best"
    Coral Paint- "specialist in interiors and exteriors

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