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Topic: Research/Metrics

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Jewelry Shoppers (esp 18-35 Year Olds!)

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
Good afternoon,

I'm putting together some VERY informal information for my boss and I have one question:

What do you look for in a jewelry store?

I'm curious about things like selection, price, atmosphere, etc. My target demo is adults 18-35 but I'm curious to hear what everyone else has to say as well. When you respond, please include your age (or general range if you prefer) so I have an idea.

Also, anyone know of a place to find good info on gen x and y?

Thanks for your help!

  • Posted by Frank Hurtte on Accepted
    Dawg-gone age discrimination... I am waiting for someone to ask for old geezer based opinion..
    Frank Hurtte
  • Posted on Author

    I'd love to hear what you have to say! I need the 18-35 info for a specific project but we cater to all age groups. Each one is valuable to us in different ways!

  • Posted by wnelson on Accepted
    Frank: You might have told Nadia that what you look for in a jewelery store is the bathroom...the pipes aren't what they used to be!


    At 46, I'm neither a Gen X nor a Boomer. I'm part of the "lost boys group" that has defied classification...The only age never to be required to register for the draft. Technically, I'm in BOTH Gen X and Boomer class, depending on who's classifying, but we don't relate well to either.

    Some demographics on Gen Y can be found:

    Nice part is that it's well referenced with much more on Gen Y.

    Here's a decent short article on Gen Y marketing:

    Gen X article:'generation%20X%20demogra...

    Another Gen X article:

    Gen X to some extent, but certainly Gen Y - the most striking points are that they have very short attention spans and want stimulus constantly. New, fresh, different, and always changing, individualistic. This challenges us marketers because we have to transmit the message fast, frequent, and different each time. And an individual message - viral marketing, word of mouth, pod casting, etc - is more effective. How to do that with a jewelery store is a challenge.

    What I look for in a jewelry store is high quality. If I want 10K gold and second class diamonds - I can go to Walmart. I expect individualized, knowledgeable service and capacilities to repair and build pieces "from parts." I'm going in to buy an heirloom, not a shiny trinket. I am also looking for uniqueness.

    I hope this helps.

  • Posted on Author
    Thanks for the responses!

    Wayde-you need to come visit our store! Our specialty is high quality, unique pieces.

    Igor-we already do what you mentioned, so sorry won't be cutting any checks for you. :)

    As I said before, the store caters to everyone and in each age group, there's a good reason to be targeting them. Right now, the project I'm working on is aimed specifically at 18-35 year olds, so I'm just trying to get a general feel on what they look for in a jewelry store. This is an important demo for us as alot of them because a) they don't have a jeweler they use so we have the chance to get them for life and b) they are getting married for the first time and/or celebrating their new jobs out of college and/or have an image to uphold. I've done tons of research on Gen X/Y already, but I wanted to hear from some as well.
  • Posted on Accepted
    Hi there!

    I am 22 years old and I love shopping jewelries. Well, for one, I think that the trend today among GEN-X is a mixture of things. In one jewelry design you have gold, with silver or with a combination of stones. You could also try to combine beads and the like.

    Special promotions too are the ones young people would love to look on jewelry stores. It is better if you could have some "limited edition" jewelries. Or you could also establish jewelry for couples.

  • Posted on Accepted

    One company that is working only on those generations is Alloy: (i'm not affiliated to this comp at all, its just info for you)

    Next to that I fall in the category:

    My first thing is, when a person (like me) of this age groups walks already in a jewlery store, he/she has already overcome a big step/leap, as jewlery stores in general are not nice places to be: cameras everywhere, sceptical looks from the sales people, eying you up with a look: "what is this person wanting here...", bullet proof glass, security gards, ...

    Then most of the sales people might be of the pushy and at the same time reluctant type to show you what you want, example when I bought my wifes engagement ring I dug out a huge amount of money, however it was only in the 4th store where I got treated as a customer and not a kid that I purchased the diamond solitaire that would make the thing happen.

    Anyways, trendy, appealing and maybe even a little privacy without feeling pushed for a purchase.
    In this case I'm talking jewlery with a big J, not mock or fake, the real stuff.

    Then flexibility, I do not want to feel intimidated, sometimes its good to ask for a budget first hand and work towards that.

    I once went with old gold to a jeweler and asked if they could make something out of it, well the price of the finished product would have been more then the value of the gold alone, he (the jeweler) was pushing me in a direction where I did not want to go: spending more then I had.

    Its often embarassing if you are spoken to in a public area about money etc (for me at least) so you might have boxes or booths that can help give a bit of privacy. This way the ideas can flow, the buget can openly be discussed etc.

    Genuineness, for a lot of people it is imperative when they spend more then 1000US/Euro that they get certified what they buy is genuine. This is important as many stores might take you (young people with money=genXandY) for a ride then and there.

    Anyways, I could go on but this is for me the essence,

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