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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Tagline For Mobile Media Company.

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points

I need a Tagline for my Mobile Media company. Our services include mobile content like Ringtones ,wallpapers, Java games while our corporate side deals with mobile marketing . The company name is push. Our webpage is up please check I am really interested in a tagline that says we are an innovative company with comprehensive mobile solutions. We provide tommorow's solutions today ! Thanks, really looking forward to your responses.

  • Posted on Member

    "Push The Buttom For Your Mobile Revolution"
    "Push Your Mobile Limits Further"
    "All Mobile Solutions In One Push"
    "The Innvative Mobile Technology Providers"
    "From SMS to Multimedia, Push Wires You Up and Down"
    "Fast Wireless Push in The New Milennium"


  • Posted on Member

    Pushing innovation for mobile solution
    Push yourself to the tomorrow’s technology
    Reinforcing technology for mobile devices
    Innovative mobile solution provider
    Mobile solutions have never been like this…
    Integrating tomorrow’s technology
    Push to the technology world

  • Posted on Member
    Push the envelope - push media
  • Posted by bdggmg on Accepted
    Pushing the envelope. With innovative mobile solutions.

    Love your logo. Could I suggest the home page on your web site needs a little more pizzazz? Include a couple of paragraphs about who you are and what you do. Some graphics to support.

    Good luck.
  • Posted by pghpromo on Accepted
    My coffee-starved suggestions:

    * All you need is a little Push.
    * All it takes is a little Push.
    * Beyond the edge of mobile media.
    * Your mobile media starts with a little Push.
    * Ready to go.
    * The Power of Mobile Media.

    And, just for grins:

    * Hey, Push THIS!

    (Well, that would be fun on a T-shirt, anyway!)
  • Posted by pghpromo on Accepted
    I got to thinking you might not like the use of "little" so, of course, it could be "big Push" or just "Push." I'm just trying to borrow from common playground parlance (e.g., "Give me a push"--also a good T-shirt idea!) so that your tagline might be more readily remembered.

    Ooh, caffeine is kicking in from somewhere! Here's another tagline thought:

    * In the future of mobile technology,
    everyone needs a Push.


    * In the future of mobile technology,
    everyone could use a Push.

    Either of these taglines addresses, in a variety of subtle (and thus effective) ways, the needs you outlined in your initial query. And, since they are a bit on the fun side, they should be easily remembered. But maybe that's just the caffeine talking...

    And though you didn't mention it, T-shirts would be a fun gift for new customers/clients who sign on for your services. Especially if these shirts were to employ catchy themes around "push."
  • Posted on Accepted

    Try the following:

    1. Innovation at your mobile step
    2. End to End Mobile Service Solutions
    3. Mobile Revolution is just a push away
    4. We forsee your mobile needs
    5. Anticipating mobile soluitons
    6. We understand your mobile needs
    7. Push mobile solutions
    8. Push the Best technology
  • Posted on Member
    PUSH - Just what you need for tomorrow.
    PUSH - Mobile Solutions Made Simple
    PUSH - Tomorrows Mobile Solutions Today
  • Posted on Accepted
    rbauman has given a very good explanation.


    ..........right in to your dreams

    (so the brand name appears and with the dots as a continuation mark, comes the tagline - where ever u mention the brand name - so you need not repeat Push in the tagline. This way, both the brand name and the tagline are tied together and remembered with more meaning in consumer minds)

    This is catchy memorable and meanwhile shows your brands message of tomorrows innovation by reffering to dreams.

    Also something to note is, think of your long term communication plans, campaigns. Your tag line needs to address them to ensure consistency.

    If using this tag line for example, your future communications will use "dreams" as a theme. For example people waking up to a ringtone that they were humming in their dreams in early morn - and ending by saying "you dream, we'll make it reality"

    Thus the main point is, choose your tag line, to show the competitive advantage, plus make is memorable to the target market and meanwhile put your stepping stones to the endless advertising campaigns.
    Wish you luck, this project looks promising and interesting.
  • Posted by MANSING on Accepted
    Hi there,

    Tagline often repeated phrase associated with an individual, organization, or commercial products and there service. Try this way; I am sure it will work.

    What we have: 1. A Mobile Media Company 2. Serving Ring tones, wallpapers and java games. 3. Corporate side deals with Mobile Marketing

    What we want is Tagline – representing company as a: “Innovative company with comprehensive mobile solutions”

    Push Tagline = Mobile Media Company + Service (Ring tones, wallpapers and java games)

    Solution will be:
    1. Push Entertainment
    2. Technology with Push
    3. Start with Push
    4. Push makes you wireless
    5. One Push One solution
    6. Push for all Music
    7. Push…
    8. Move your life with Push
    9. Flowing freely
    10. Push Mobile Media
    11. Push a plural of medium


    Mansing Bhor
  • Posted by NovaHammer on Accepted
    You Need:
    "I am really interested in a tagline that says we are an innovative company with comprehensive mobile solutions. We provide tommorow's solutions today !"

    I Offer:
    Energy To Move With You Through The Multiverse!

    Considering PUSH is a force/energy, 'move' = Mobile, 'with you' specific to your needs or customizable/comprehensive (if that's a word), Through implies ready for tomorrow already, Multiverse-yes even out there where we shall go Tomorrow...perhaps universal translation via text or speech, with music and/or Verse etc who knows what you will want to do but 'we' Push can take you there!

    Using an edgy word like 'Multiverse' is also meant to get them to read it again and say What are they really saying they can do for me @ PUSH.

    Making the PUSH tagline a Conversation Piece/Standing Out and subsequently like a repeated Hook in a popular song creating some momentum for The TagLine itself without being too mundane and subsequently invisible!

    Good Luck and have fun.

    ps Definition:

    The idea that the universe we can observe is only part of the whole physical reality led to the definition of 'multiverse', the set of multiple possible universes.

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