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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Tagline For New Soft Drink

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I would love to hear member's comments on my dilemma: Looking for a tag line / strap line for a new soft drink that I have designed.
Uncarbonated, non-alcoholic herbal tea extract, sugar (little, but just over 'diet/lite' levels, natural fruit flavours, water. Pasteurised. This herb unique to Southern Africa. Has got all four of the buzzwords: Rich in antioxidants, rich in vitamin C, caffeine-free, and low in tannins, the residue in teas that can sometimes cause digestive problems. Rests under the Functional drinks category.
Unfortunately hesitant to disclose name. (non descriptive).
Tag line to convey the health angle, however, must connect to target audience (young, informed). Not marketed as premium drink.
This tea/(herb in EU) age old remedy used by Khoi-san - 'rediscovered' beginning 20th century.
Do not want to sound too 'health' orientated. Health shops not the market.
Would love to capture the fact that the drink is from far away (exotic Africa), tasty and refreshing, and healthy. And new.
However - must be confident and lasting concept.
Everything I come up with sounds like clichés!

  • Posted on Member
    All you want, all you need

    Unleash your expectations

    The origin of tea

    The evolution of refreshment

    Arouse (also a good name, for the record)

    Tea's distant, delicious cousin

    Distance yourself from the ordinary

  • Posted on Member
    the natural health drink of Africa
  • Posted on Member
    How about something refreshing, like Quinch. Good luck.
  • Posted on Member

    "The African Potent Drink"
    "Increase Your Stamina"
    "Zulu Water"
    "Black Magic"
    "The Origin of Life"
    "Oldest Continent Refresher"
    "You do not need to be black to drink this"
    "African Power"
    "Black Power"
    "The Best of Africa"
    "African Booster"
    "Fire Dance Water"

    Hope this helps,
  • Posted on Member
    hi andre,

    hope these helps...

    More than a drink

    Simply different

    Drink something healthy

  • Posted on Accepted
    Just a respone to your concern about the word Arouse and how it works for other languages. The fact is, many international companies have begun to take English words as brand names simply because of the fact that so many people internationally speak English and the appeal in many countries for American brands (even if you don't like American politics). So, I wouldn't be worried about this. What you lose in pronounciation some places, you gain in a stronger brand.

    Also, in response to your question about including Africa in the name, I wouldn't. It's not the reason why some people have stated they wouldn't, which has been because of the fear about politics of the name. I think this is fine. I worry specifically because of Africa, which I don't think is really associated with anything positive on a rational or emotional level. I think you can include any place name in your brand name or tagline. Any controversy you create will create stronger links to your brand. You don't want to appeal to everyone, you want to appeal to a select group who are fiercely loyal to your brand. Take Benneton for example...odd, polarizing politics, but a very strong brand. Place names also do work, as one of the best selling bottled waters is Fiji. You get some nice emotional links there, but not with Africa. (and, yes, Fiji is "political" as it is a giant waste of the earth's resources to ship water halfway around the world to areas that already have nice clean water).

    Good luck. Send me a message if you want to talk one on one.

  • Posted on Accepted
    try the brand name C2 then your tagline: Cool plus clean equals to C2

    or quench your thirst

    or the modern tea mate

    or fine living fine drinking

    or more than just a drink

    or naturally TEAriffic!
  • Posted on Member
    Good luck with the new business and with settling on a tagline/name. Be sure to post what you decided to go with.

  • Posted on Member
    Let us know what you came up with when you can.

  • Posted on Member
    Hi Andre,

    How about MELLOW-D as a name for your drink - all the best - Alex (Montreal)

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