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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Need Tagline For Notary Services

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I am a mobile notary that specializes in signing loan packages. I need a creative tagline to use in my marketing. Can you please help?

  • Posted on Accepted
    Have seal will travel - The notable navigating notary.
  • Posted by BARQ on Accepted
    The name of your business would help the folks here at SELMARQ to test the cadence of the tagline. Lubberly phonetics and awkward alliteration can have a fatal effect on a tight-knit tagline.

    Also, if notary is in the name, it doesn't necessarily need to be repeated in the tag.

    And here are a couple of tries:

    Personal Notary Service

    Roving Notary to Loan

    Seal in Motion

    The Roving Registrar

  • Posted by pank575 on Accepted
    - Notary on loan!
    - For your loans only!
    - At your service
  • Posted by MANSING on Accepted
    Hi Ccnotary,

    As you know great taglines are a powerful force in the branding, marketing and advertising campaigns of the companies they work for. They differentiate you from competitors, make an emotional connection with your audience, and help to build a brand that ignites the passions of your customers.

    As you are in Notary service and need to develop a range of taglines; with images and language that help you pinpoint the most effective, perfectly nuanced personality with which to present your work. Following are the tagline which will represent your service and standards.

    1. Legally empowered
    2. Official administrator for your future
    3. Managing your documents
    4. Right Work at the Right Time
    5. Building a perfect bond
    6. Own your resources shadow
    7. Bringing you legal vision
    8. We Bring our service to you
    9. value your time
    10. We Come To You
    11. Efficiently handling your needs
    12. Ultimate public service

    One of the most important things that the best brands accomplish is being thought of as greater than the goods and services offered. Nike's "Just Do It" helps them rise above selling sneakers. Apple's "Think Different" is bigger than computers.

    I hope this will help!


    M Bhor
  • Posted by darcy.moen on Accepted
    'The Loan Arranger' work for you?

    Seals on Wheels

    Darcy Moen
    Customer Loyalty Network
  • Posted by pank575 on Accepted
    -Sign the home!
  • Posted by BARQ on Member
    More from SELMARQ:

    Executive Notary For Loans

    Executive Loan Doc Notary

    Loan Notary Valet

    Loan Notary On Call

    (If "notary" is in your comapny name:)
    House Calls for Loan Docs

  • Posted by jpoyer on Accepted
    Do you have a business name, or do you just use your name as a notary? Some ideas for you:

    The Authorize Advance Notary
    Your Loan Signing Authority
    Loan Agreement Signatory

    Hope this helps,

    XPRT Creative

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