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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Help With Painting Company Slogan Needed!

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I am starting a painting company that will be called the "Next Day Paint Company", and I need a slogan fast. My niche has been partnering with real estate agents and I have been very successful at helping their clients prepare their house before listing or painting a newly sold house before the new buyers move in. Having said that, I feel that I want to broaden my scope to any homeowner with the promise of starting if not finishing the project the very next day. I read a posting earlier about some guys who were starting a painting biz and someone wrote back about the experience that they had with a highly referred painter who offered a consultative approach, was fast clean and friendly and stayed on budget. These describe me to a tee. I just need a slogan! One thing that has come to mind is: Start to Finish in just one day! (hard to promise I know) Just looking for some ideas. Thanks for your help. Jeff

  • Posted by Tatyiana on Member
    Color it Up!

    I think you could interpret this in a few different ways and it is pretty simple.

    Whatever you do use... use positve phrasing as opposed to playing with negatives.
  • Posted by MANSING on Member
    Hi Pfeiferjeff

    Try this,

    Colouring your dream home
    The paint store
    Specialists commercial and domestics
    Art of color


    M Bhor

  • Posted on Accepted
    I just wanted to mention that your name causes me to think that when I say, "Yes." you appear the next day and complete the job.

    Now this is GREAT if you can do that, but can you continue to support that as you grow?

    Regarding a tag line, I don't know if you need one with a company name that is already a tag line.
  • Posted on Author
    I'm not sure what you mean by using positive phrasing? Did you like the "Start to Finish in just one day"? Or am I safer just leaving the name open to interpretation as it would be hard to guarantee completion in just a day.
  • Posted by night_butterflz on Member
    The world looks better in color

    Color out loud

    Paint well

    We color inside the lines

  • Posted on Member
    Next Day Paint Company
    Want the house painted by tomorrow? Done!

  • Posted on Member
    Next Day Paint Company- Where Yesterday Is Just a Memory

  • Posted on Member
    How about:

    Next Day Paint Company
    You're only a day away with us!

    Next Day Paint Company
    Where patience isn't an option!

    Next Day Paint Company
    Coloring in a day is our way!

    Next Day Paint Company
    The light speed in painting!

    Next Day Paint Company
    By nightfall, it's daylight again!

    But I must say that I somewhat agree with Vevolution, it isn't that essential for you to have a tagline when the name itself says it all.
    And again you should always consider the fact to maintain what you promise. One of the first rules in marketing is NEVER OVER PROMISE! I myself find it hard to believe that you can have the job done in one day, I thought judgement of days would depend on the material of walls as well as the total size of the house or apt. But if you can maintain the one day promise no matter how far you are down the line, then BRAVO! Good Luck!

  • Posted on Member
    Painting by Numbers
    1 day finish
    2 the agreed price
  • Posted by kpalmer on Member
    Next Day Paint Company -
    Call 555-1212
  • Posted on Member
    NDPC- Time to make a difference
  • Posted by Tatyiana on Member
    Hey Jeff:
    By not using negative.. I meant to stay away from slogans that use the words "Don't", "Can't", etc. Like, Don't try anyone else! - Even though it is trying to portray a positive message.... it is negative to start.

    With :Paint it Up!" I was thinking that if you had a slogan that gives your clients the impression that your services will help them sell faster and get more money... or "moving up" in the value chain, it might be worth exploring. Personally, I think if you can keep it to 3 or 4 words max... that is always your best bet.

    Maybe using the word sold in it? Next day Paint - Paint it to sold!

    Do any of these fit for you? it should be something that you look at and think... yep... that's us!

    Good Luck,

  • Posted on Accepted

    Congratulations on expanding the business.

    When it comes to the benefits and values you offer your customers, you need to make sure they're relevant. OK, this might seem like an obvious statement.
    The reason why I'm pointing this out is that your name was very relevant to your previous target - someone who was looking for a quick paint job to help them sell their house. In this case, they're interested in very quick results, but don't necessarily care about quality of work.

    Now that you're looking to expand your customers to include any home owner who want a paint job done quick, you'll need to assess the driver that makes this important to your customer. Why would a home owner want a quick paint job?
    1. They don't want to pay a lot of money = play up cost effective
    2. They don't want someone in their house longer than they have to be = play up convenience
    3. They want to work with a true craftsman who can get it done fast, with no "fix up" time = play up quality

    Without understanding which area best fits your company or what is most relevant to your potential customers, it is very difficult to come up with a tagline. Saying all this, you also want to consider a tagline that will not turn off your current customers.

    I do believe you need a tagline to offset the potential negative connotations with your name, which simply suggests a "quick job". You need to justify why you're quick and make it relevant to your target.

    Hope this helps!
  • Posted by Jo Masterson on Accepted
    Next Day Paint Company-
    Fast, Friendly & Done Right

    Next Day Paint Company-
    Fast, Friendly & Professional

    Next Day Paint Company-
    Professional Results... Fast

    Next Day Paint Company-
    For a Quick Start & Professional Finish

    Next Day Paint Company-
    Fast Start ... Fantastic Finish

    Good Luck,
  • Posted on Author
    Thank you all so much for your input it has helped me get a better idea about my idea/company and to only promise what I can deliver. My objective is still to start the next day however, I can't guarantee that it will be finished the next day so I will leave the name open to interpretation and explain everything when the calls come in. I will probably go with a logo that exemplifiles speed and color as Vevoltion has suggested and I'm still looking for those perfect words under the name like Next Day Paint Company Call Today Start Tommorow

    or Fast Friendly and Affordable something like that Thank You Again
  • Posted on Member
    Next Day Paint Company
    For a fast facelift.

    Next Day Paint Company
    We do it in a day!

    Next Day Paint Company
    Get it done in a day!

    Next Day Paint Company
    We finish faster.

    Next Day Paint Company
    Fast and affordable.

    Next Day Paint Company
    We're good and we're fast.

    Next Day Paint Company
    Fast, Friendly and Fantastic.

    Next Day Paint Company
    We have fun and work fast.

    Good luck
  • Posted on Member
    And then there is...

    Next Day Paint Company
    The superheroes of painting

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