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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Mom/daughter Team Need A Tagline

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
Help please! My mother and I have recently started working together in Chicagoland as realtors. She has been in the business for roughly 10 years and I joined in 2 1/2 years ago. We sell everything from studios to million dollar homes and obviously work with anyone from 1st time buyers to people who have bought many homes and we sell all over chicago. I think we offer a unique package to our clients because I am more marketing driven and technosavy where as mom has the long term market and home buying knowledge both from living a buying a lot in her past. We often create long lasting friendships with our clients. Our goal is that our clients feel our relationship is only beginning at the closing table and that they continue to refer us to family and friends and use us for the rest of their life. Mom moved to Chicago in the 60s and I have lived here my whole life so we are very familar with the area. We are thinking about using Grossman Realty Group as our name but need a tag line or slogan to use. I know I just rambled and included a TON of info but I want you to get a good idea of who we are. any more questions are certainly welcome!

  • Posted on Accepted
    Not just Realtors.
    Real Realtors.
    Friends for Life.
    Giving life to your future home.
    Your very own.
    A Relation thats last Forever.
    It couldnt get Better.
  • Posted on Accepted
    Do you have a name yet?
  • Posted on Accepted
    We make the Royal's
  • Posted by Jon Aston on Accepted
    Grossman + Grossman
    Realty Group

    "For you, the plus is us"
  • Posted on Member
    I think Jon is onto something good... the only thing I will change in the tagline is interchange the 'us' and 'you'.. to read:

    "For us, the plus is you"

    I like the name Grossman & Grossman as well... with the tagline reading

    - Property... Properly


    - Time for your own space


    - The property professionals (I cant believe I recommended this.. hehehehehe.... but it sounds nice)


    - Lets think property. Together.

    See if any of them ring a belll..

  • Posted on Accepted
    I too like the Grossman and Grossman

    Here are some tag lines
    Chicagoland knowledge .. Family experts

  • Posted by pghpromo on Accepted
    Given your connections to Chicago, I might avoid generics and go for direct Chicagoland references, like:
    "We Live Chicago."
    "We Are Chicago."
    "Chicago is in us."
    "Chicagoland Lives!"
    "Chicago is Family."
    "Your Chicagoland Neighbors."
    "Our Last Name is Your First Name in Chicago."
    "Homes The Chicago Way"
    "Sweet Homes, Chicago!"

    Not coincidentally, this type of tagline lends itself to be supported (or proven) by a series of photo-documentary pics captioned with short phrases--A series that ties you to Chicago's unique nieghborhoods or landmarks, with photos/phrases you can cycle through print ads or postcard series and all of which would make you appear knowledgeable and connected with the city. We already know you ARE knowledgeable and connected; we just need to ensure your tagline(s) and related media communicate that, as well. This could be done in a slightly humorous way, too, such as:

    Grossman & Grossman Realty
    "Yes, we do know what makes a friendly confine."
    We live Chicago!
    [combined with professional pic of Wrigley Field]


    Grossman & Grossman Realty
    "Yes, we know what 'The Junction' is."
    We live Chicago!
    [combined with professional pic of north side interstates]
  • Posted by MANSING on Accepted
    Hi there!!

    Why donít we try this?

    1. Perfect match for your dream world
    2. Consultant to real industry
    3. Your Dream Team for real world.

    I hope this will help!


    M Bhor
  • Posted by Jo Masterson on Accepted
    Grossman Realty Group - Generations of Experience
    Grossman Realty Group - Relating to your home needs
    Grossman Realty Group - Family Home Experts

    Good Luck,

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