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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Need A Catchy Name For A Video Production Company

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
I want to produce video-biographies by recording interviews of individuals on a digital camcorder, editing the rough footage, incorporating music and personal photographs, and burning the final product onto a dvd. I had considered Moving Family Portraits but the graphic artist who is assisting me feels that name is too long and complicated. I also hope to expand the business into other areas, such as training videos, sales videos, tv commercials, etc. But for now, I will be working solely on the video-biography aspect. Anyone have some ideas? Thanks.
James Hudson

  • Posted by Jon Aston on Accepted
    That's a terrific business idea!

    Forever & Always
  • Posted by nmuqbel on Accepted
    nice idea James,

    Good Times

    Forever Memories

    Good luck :)

  • Posted on Accepted
    Your Biography... A video message to the future
  • Posted by NovaHammer on Accepted
    Next of kin is too cold (like a hospital form) and doesn't stop and make people take notice so try something like

    Next Of Skin,

    Reel People Bios,


    Little Boxes, Big Stories-with an eye on your future area.


  • Posted by NovaHammer on Member
    'Next Of Skin' is a play on a familiar idiom or two but dealing with actual people 'with' skin, those who we have touched or who touch us.

    'Skin Deep' or 'Face 2 Face Moments' could also work, ...

    'E-Motional Bios' is similar I think to your original too and may be limiting later on but good for current use.

  • Posted by NovaHammer on Member
    Moving Stories suggests fiction to me but:

    E- for digital/electronic,
    Motional- for the moving and e-motion bit,
    Video or Bios for the NF identifier.

    A larger/collective name for the whole shooten match could be just :

    Fantastic Voyages.

  • Posted by pghpromo on Accepted
    Just out of curiosity--Is your graphic artist the one taking a financial risk in spearheading this business? Ask 10 different graphic artists and you'll get 10 different opinions. If "Moving Family Portraits" represents the ideal name against which you are comparing all other suggestions, then I dare say go with it and make it work!

    However, if your graphic artists is someone with vested interest in the business--more of a partner than a contractor--then obviously you must lend some credence to his concerns.... In which case your alternate idea, "Moving Stories," is shorter and can accommodate personal jobs now as well as corporate jobs in the future. I really can't top that one, although I might suggest it begs for a tagline so people don't think you are a bookstore.
  • Posted on Accepted
    I like Moving Stories but I don't think it works as well for future corporate business, if that's a concern. However, if it were me I might consider picking a different name entirely for corporate business when the time comes, since the chances are you won't be able to cross reference between the personal and corporate clients anyway. But what about Moving Portraits? Makes it shorter, which is good. Moving Legacy is another hybrid of the suggestions here. Good luck,
  • Posted on Accepted

    Lifes In Action
  • Posted by NovaHammer on Member
    The Inside Story.

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