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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Catchy Name For Roofing Guarantee

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
We are a residential roofing company. We have been working on USP and are considering promoting our guarantee that says if their roof leaks after we replace the roof that we will repair for free and give them $500 for the inconvenience. We have emergency service 24 hours a day. I am trying to create a name for the guarantee. Any ideas?

  • Posted by stlubahn on Member
    Roof Shield is good, here is another thought:

    Leak Insurance Without The Hassle

    Leak Protection Refund

  • Posted on Accepted
    Top of mind suggestion "Watertight".

    As in "Our Watertight Guarantee - It Leaks, We Pay"

    a) what the roof is intended to do fo the customer
    b) that you can (or will) not wriggle out of your promise

  • Posted on Member
    I like the
    Our watertight Guarantee.. it leaks we pay..

    You are unique in the addition of the payment for inconvenience, with a roof leak...
  • Posted on Member

    The Roof-Proof Bonus Guarantee
    We will pay you if it leaks! That's how much we trust our roofs!

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