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Know-How Exchange

Topic: Taglines/Names

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Request Tagline Expertise For Exec Coach/consultan

Posted by tim on 250 Points
My name is Tim Keck & I am a retired police chief. I now own Performance Insights (.net) and make a living as an executive coach, speaker, and teambuilding expert.

Our primary teambuilding seminar (and what we're best known for) is called CSI:YOU, where we set up a fake crime scene and turn a company's exec team into Crime Scene Investigators for an afternoon. We have taken this thing international as we license other consultants to use it.

The other big part of our business is coaching - both for leaders and for teams. Our approach is bold but caring and we drive for real results; i.e., not just coaching or training for the sake of coaching or training.

With my background, I understand what it takes to perform under stress when the outcomes are critical and there is little margin for error. I believe it is the courage and candor with which we approach even CEO's that has set us apart and allowed our small business to experience phenomenal growth.

What we need is a tagline that conveys who we are and/or what we do. We were using "Unorthodox, unedited approaches, unleashing performance of heroic proportions" but I fear it is too long and too masculine.

We are about to do a massive website and logo redo and want to add a great tagline to complete the branding process. Any suggestions???

Thank you - Tim Keck

  • Posted on Accepted
    Your unprecedented approach cries out for an appeal to your prospective clients to sharpen their instincts

    Coaching Corporate Primal Instincts


    Sharpening Instincts

  • Posted on Member
    teaching success for a lifetime

    coaching to bring the best out in you
  • Posted by Billd724 on Member
    Tim --

    Nice work you do. I understand why you've experienced significant growth. I agree with Kathy -- the CSI simulation sounds fascinating!

    Here's my contribution:

    Peformance Insights
    Closing the gap between the people you've got and the results you want

  • Posted on Member
    Teaching the art and science of leadership under stress
  • Posted on Member
    Love the concept - and I too can understand why you have experienced growth!

    Here are my ideas

    Performance Insights
    Shaping business through innovative motivation

    Performance Insights
    Innovative methods for unprecedented growth

    Performance Insights
    Motivational Methods. Positive Out comes.

    Performance Insights
    Cultivating leaders through uncommon techniques

    Performance Insights
    Building better businesses through innovative practice

    Performance Insights
    Redefining corporate training tactics

    I'll keep thinking. All the best to you.
  • Posted by tim on Author
    All -

    Thank you soooo much for your most valuable input. I hope I can be of service to some of you in the future.

    I am still trying to decide between several of the suggestions offered and running the ideas past several of my colleagues and clients.

    In the meantime, I have decided to pick the two contributors who had suggestions I will most likely chose from.

    Thanks again to all!

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