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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Tagline For Bachelorette Party

Posted by gphikonoske on 125 Points
I own a bachelorette party planning company and have been struggling with a recent assignment. I am looking for creative slogans for t-shirts for a specific party going to San Francisco.

I'm looking for not your typical "Last fling before the ring" slogan. I've thought of "Gettin' Frisky in Frisco", but I don't love it. I'd like it to incorporate some aspect of being in San Fran. but make it fun and sassy :) Thanks in advance for your ideas...I'm stumped on this one...

  • Posted by telemoxie on Accepted
    could you do a take-off on the Rice-a-Roni ads, with a picture of the cable cars (a San Francisco Treat?)

  • Posted on Accepted
    Here's some ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

    1. Queer guys dance better in Frisco

    2. Queer guys give better lap dances in Frisco

    3. I'm getting married in San Fran, Where's the Rice?

    4. Save a bird in Frisco, don't throw rice.

    5. Girls like Frisky Men in San Fran
  • Posted on Accepted
    1. Got booked for San Fran

    2. Do More.Live More

    3. Lets Gets Dirty 1 More Time

    4. Now Censored (to be printed right on the upper part of T shirt)

  • Posted by Harry Hallman on Accepted
    I think you were on the right track but leave of "getten" and maybe use

    Frisky in Frisco

    BY the way natives, as I remeber, hate people using Frisco in stead of San Francisco. Is taht still true?
  • Posted on Accepted
    How about:

    Bay area Babes last hoorah

    Bay Babes Bachelorette Bash

    One last stand in San Fran

    Looking for one last lay by the Bay (that's awful crude but I had to write it)

  • Posted on Member
    I did it all in San Francisco

    Doing it all... the San Francisco Beat

    Getting it all...the San Francisco Beat

  • Posted on Accepted
    Taking Cable Cars to the Bars
  • Posted by Chris Blackman on Accepted
    Be. Sure. SFO.

    As in "be sure to wear some flowers in your hair", From Scott McKenzie's aeons-old song, "If you're going to San Francisco"...

    And SFO as in the IATA port code for San Francisco International Airport.

    or... GNO in SFO

    (Girl's night out in...)

    or... Papa told me don't go to SFO

    or.. he begged me "don't go to SFO"

    OK, I'll get my hat and coat now...

  • Posted on Accepted
    Wet and Wild And Risque-We Did It All At San Fran Bay!
  • Posted by pghpromo on Accepted
    My two cents' worth of offerings:

    "Final Date at the Golden Gate."

    "Oooo. Aaaah. Oh! Frisco!"

    And here's a longer one, perhaps for the back of the shirt:

    "Girls just wanna have fun
    In the warm San Francisco sun"

    -- Paul
  • Posted by gphikonoske on Author
    The response so far has been great, but I am looking for something a bit more risque! (Hey, they asked for it...I'm just providing it :)

    So far "final Date at the Golden Gate" is my favorite...but I'm not sold just yet. I really like how Paul incorporated san francisco without actually saying "San Fran" or "the Bay".

    here's more info about the ladies I am planning the party for, which might help spark creativity... there are only 4 of them...traveling to San Fran from San Diego for a bachelorette party. They have been friends for 20 plus years, but are young (age 25). The plan for their weekend celebration is to shop in Union Square...head to the wine country for a day...and site see all the great landmarks San Fran has to offer.

    Hope this gives you more ideas...I seem to be struggling extra hard with this one. Thanks for all your input thus far!!!
  • Posted by Mike Page on Accepted
    If it's a clubbibg based party you could try something incorporating "San FranDisco"
    Like - I left my Heart in a San FranDisco

    Or - more racy -
    I'm Just a Tart in a San FranDisco
  • Posted by Mike Page on Member
    Another pun came to mind.
    San FranSisters.
    I Googled this and it seems there is a Album calleSanfransisters by a Band called Dream Bitches - Which is a great name for your party - maybe you could e-mail the band & use some of thier art work - It might work for you and they might like your promo work!



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