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Know-How Exchange

Topic: Taglines/Names

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Name A New Dental Office

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
We are starting a new dental office in Santa Clara, california.

Please suggest names that are
a) simple
b) catchy
c) reflect the dental profession.


  • Posted on Accepted
    Dentaliance- Reliance On Oral care experts

    HealthDental- Your complete dental care stop

    Oralcare World


    Planet Dental
  • Posted on Accepted
    Painfree Dental Care


  • Posted on Accepted
    Dental World - The World is Yours.
    Mental Dental - Get Crazy with Us.
    Dental Dental - So Good we had to say it twice.
  • Posted on Accepted
  • Posted on Accepted
    California Smiles
    West Coast Dental
  • Posted on Accepted
    I like Bright Whites the best also. The others seem too childish to seem like a place I'd want to have someone work on my teeth at. I'd feel like it wasn't professional enough.
  • Posted by Jo Masterson on Accepted
    "a) simple, b) catchy, c) reflect the dental profession"

    Two more ideas...
    Santa Clara Smiles
    Santa Clara Dental (people easily remember regional names...)

    " Can you please rate our picks? 1 being best to 5 means not so great."

    Elite Dental: (2-3 ok if you offer upper end services, but sounds expensive... it that Ok for your market?)

    Athena Dental (2-3 ?? sounds nice... but is there a special meaning, DDS's name? or the Greek goddess?, If it is the DDS's name I love it)

    Excel Dental (3-4, Sounds professional.. not real catchy)

    Precise Dental (3-4, Sounds professional.. not real catchy)

    - What I do like about your ideas is that you make it clear what you do. I do like "Dental" in the name"

    Good Luck,

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