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Know-How Exchange

Topic: Taglines/Names

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Marketing Services Firm Name

Posted by MOSimmons on 250 Points
Our client needs a catchy name for its marketing services firm. The company provides strategic consulting to marketing managers and agencies that want to launch web-based, database-driven marketing programs.

Our typical client will uses dimensional mail to drive targets to a personalized URL where they will experience a flash site sprinkled with knowledge about them, their company, pain point, proof points, an offer and call to action. All the while, our client's underlying technology platform tracks clicks on the site, compares them against a set of pre-determined business rules and send real-time email notifications to an assigned sales rep who make a call to the target (sometimes catching the target lingering on his/her personalized site). The client is having good success in B2B, but their name leaves something to be desired.

Some keywords:
knowledge base
lead generation
viral marketing
relationship builder
cold-call enabler

In the end, our client helps marketing communications and sales bridge the gap, capture good reponse metrics, CTRs, and determine the ROI on their media spend. We need a sexy name to help us grow their business. Something that means business, they empower marketing by applying manufacturing-type metrics to marketing. No more art for art's sake. These campaigns succeed and have the numbers to prove it. 20% of respondents visit the web, more than 50% click through the entire site, more than 10% of those take the call-to-action.

"Wouldn't you like to know who opened your mail piece, went online, and how educated they are about your company or product before you contact them," as our client often says.

Names we're currently considering:
Conversa...More conversations. Better relationships.
Momentiv...Build momentum through creativity.
Turnstyle...Know more. Your customers will.

Can you think of any others (please provide one-line background story to bolster the name/or tagline)?

  • Posted on Member
    We've Mastered the Art of Relationships

    A master painter - high recognition

    Better Knowledge for Better Conversation

    What didn't he do? He did it all.
  • Posted by Jo Masterson on Member
    Conversa...More conversations. Better relationships.
    Momentiv...Build momentum through creativity.
    Turnstyle...Know more. Your customers will.

    Of these, I prefer Turnstyle because it it easy to spell.

    More ideas:
    (I like the metric part of the approach)
    Buzz Metrics ... Creating leads you can count on
    Infometric .... Marketing with Measurable results

    Good Luck,
  • Posted on Member
    You can name the venture as "ROADMAP". It acts as a two pronged arsenal for marketing.

    1) As a strategic tool for planning &
    2) As a time and data based tool for control
  • Posted on Member
    You can name the venture as " Template-C4I" or "Arsenal-C4I"

    & Information

    This is an combination of the above to achieve results and is a strategic planning and a control tool
  • Posted by MOSimmons on Author
    I'd like to explore the roadmap concept a little further. Moving people through interactive marketing shares some nice analogies to mountain climbing and transportation. Climbing the mountain and reaching the summit. or Moving people from point A to B tend to make sense to me intuitively.

    true north
    metro map
    station stops

    Any additional thoughts if we start heading in this direction?
  • Posted on Member
    Taking that focus:

    Zero In
    North Star

  • Posted on Member


  • Posted on Member
    What if you thought of yourself as the hub in that wheel and pointed out multi-directional to all the areas you attract to the hub?
  • Posted by MOSimmons on Author
    That's an interesting approach Riot. What'd you have in mind?
  • Posted by charles.stannard on Member


    Microscope / Magnifying Glass

    Azimuth (compass idea)
  • Posted by charles.stannard on Member
    Pinpoint Marketing
  • Posted on Member
    You as the center of the compass with info flowing out then in from all directions as you take it all and organize and polish it and send back to appropriate segments in a format specific to them

  • Posted on Member
    I like pinpoint marketing that Mr. Stanndard suggested...where you would disseminate the info to pinpoints on a map of where a company will go with appropriate initiatives

    Maybe a paper airplane flying through a cross-section of a business dropping data to appropriate areas as it builds the business...leading to a complete cycle

    Or the homing pigeon bringing info back as you see the business grow in intervals...something graphically depicted like that
  • Posted on Accepted
    Or take a full piece of data, place it on paper, fold the paper to an airplane and send it where it needs to go where it reopens as it's final product
  • Posted on Member
    A final analogy so I can fulfill my promises to my family today lest I spin around from this chair and find they've all grown up and married :)

    Portray as the Rainmaker, flying overhead and seeding the clouds which then burst forth with the rains...each drop a particular segment of the effort and the drops fall to fill a lake/sea/container which is the sum total of all the efforts
  • Posted on Member
    Okay, lots of good ideas here. Building on what is posted already I offer up the following:

    MarketMap. You'll always know where your business is going.
    MarketMap. You know where you want to go. We can help you get there.
    MarketMap. We're with you every step of the way.
    MarketMap. Where do you want to go? Let us lead the way.

    Other thoughts not so on point to prior postings but maybe suitable-

    ComIntel or CommIntel or MarkIntel as names suggest the collection of intelligence that fits what the company does and the tags below clarify to some degree the value proposition.

    MarkIntel. A better breed of leads.
    ComIntel. You'll see how well intelligence sells.

    I hope this was helpful, and best of luck!

  • Posted by telemoxie on Member
    As per my previous posts on the subject, I do not like company names which limit your company's scope and potential work. If you were to select a name which very clearly communicated the expertise you described... what happens when that work is completed, and the client wants more marketing work, e.g. boring stuff like sales literature, trade show graphics, etc?

    The technology you are describing sounds pretty leading edge to me. But what happens when something new is hot? Will you ignore the latest, greatest trends, trapped by your company name?

    I'm personally considering changing my company name to Krehbiel, Krehbiel & Fitzgerald, since it positions me as a professional firm with the synergy of experts, without locking me into a particular type of work.

    Save the company descriptions for tag lines and marketing pieces.
  • Posted by rjohnni on Member
    Headway - measure your marketing

    (name & slogan are promises your client makes to their customers)

    Involva - involve. measure. improve

    (the name can also be Involva Marketing Systems)

    The next one is part of the brief

    KnowMore Marketing Group - No More Abstracts.

  • Posted on Member
    Hi Buddy

    we seem drifting away from the main objective.I think you stick to a few basic points:

    1) If you want to stick to strategy concept then the the other alternative, then "BLUEPRINT" seems to be a good alternative other than "ROADMAP"

    2) If you want explore the idea of info hub, go in for "CENTREPOINT" or "NUCLEUS"

    3) The journey to excellence concept calls for names like "ODYSSEE" or "VOYAGE" (but this seems some name for a luggage company or a travel company
  • Posted by MOSimmons on Author
    I know you're already curious about the outcome of this discussion :-)
    We appreciate all the feedback with special thanks to marketingroit for spending way too much time on this and telemoxie who reminded us to stay true to our clients scope and service offer.

    In the end, your contributions led to a heated brainstorming session. My client keep it's name (Vialuna Group). The new tag line...?

    You'll have to wait and see when we roll out their new website and identity in Jan. 2007.

    The riot gets the points for persistence.
  • Posted on Member
    Hi All,

    Can anyone suggest me a catchy domain name for a website. It will be the name of a web solution firm.
    A catchy, corporate and very short name is the need friends.

    A few examples are given below:

    I found this site after a lot of search on the net, please help me create the best possible brand name.

    I will be thankful to you all.

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