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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Name For Health & Wellness Newsletter

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
Our non-profit health partnership will be launching a new health & wellness newsletter for schools in our county. It will be printed and distributed to schools quarterly. It is intended to be a one source of health & wellness information, and will include information from a variety of agencies. Recipients will be principals, nurses, superintendents, etc. It will include a variety of content: info that teachers can use with students; info that can be sent home to parents; info for keeping staff/teachers happy and well, best of the web health resources; much of the content will be coverage/photos of recent health events held at the local schools, so that the schools can see what the others are doing and hopefully jump on board, and so we can pat participating schools on the back. (The schools contact us for health fairs, violence prevention curriculum; physical activity initiative; health workshops, etc). Again, it's not just info on how to keep students healthy, but also staff.

Any ideas for newsletter names or other content? Newsletter names I have thought of are:
Health Matters (I know, been there, done that!)
Health Notes
Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies
Better Health, Better Learning


  • Posted on Accepted
    better living
    and what about a tagline with it:
    good health matters

  • Posted on Accepted
    Health First- The Wellness programme
    Therapeutic Wellness
  • Posted on Accepted
    I really like Karen's list!

    Here are a couple more to consider:
    "Apple A Day"

  • Posted on Author
    I like yours a lot too, Karen, especially:

    Healthy Times



    Thanks -- any more out there?
  • Posted by rockyboy2 on Member
    OK The Club
    Our Kids, Their Health Everlasting, Care, Love, Understanding,Begins.
    Ideas from the rockyboy2 man
  • Posted by Phoenix ONE on Accepted
    I would go with something that states the reason for the magazine-How about something very simple:

    "Your Health Is In Your Hands"


    "We Put The Why in Healthy"

    Good Luck and Happy Marketing

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