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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Catchy Names For Cooking Show

Posted by Anonymous on 200 Points
Hello everyone!

My cookware brand is sponsoring a series of webcasts (a.k.a. video podcasts, webisodes, etc.). We're looking for a catchy name that appeals to our young/hip target audience (24-35 years old and mostly female).

Each episode will be ten minutes long (there will be 8 episodes in all - at least for Season 1) and feature a chef and a girl. The content isn't altogether unique (the chef is the expert, the girl is a hot blonde who learns enthusiastically), but concept is new - we are the first in our industry to attempt to reach our consumers using webcasts.

What's the show about? Picture this:

The scene opens with Mike (the chef) and Taya (the girl) in the living room, with the football game playing behind them. Chef Mike is telling Taya how she doesn't have to stick to chips and salsa all the time. They head to the kitchen. For the next 8 or 9 minutes, they're in the kitchen and he's teaching her how to make Smoked Cheddar & Jack Quesadillas with Corn & Chive Crema [note: I was on set during the filming of this episode, and the food was crazy delicious]. Throughout the episode, he offers little cooking tips that viewers will find useful for their own cooking.

Each episode features a different recipe, the cookware used is ours, and it says "Brought to you by (brand)" in the opening and closing credits, but it's not an infomercial by any stretch. Same concept as when you watch Jacques Pepin's cooking show on PBS - the show's sponsors are mentioned up front, and he uses their stuff in the show.

Here are a few names to jog your creative muscle:



The Foodie Fix

Gourmet Crackers

A Chick and A Cook

Bitchin' Kitchen

This is a no-holds-barred creative brainstorming session! There is no such thing as a bad idea - we'll get everything out there, and then proceed to narrow down the list together. Let's hear a few good ones!

  • Posted on Member
    hot stuff
    hot kitchen
    kitchen confidential

  • Posted on Member
    Chick & Dip
    At Home On The Range
    Cabinet Meeting
  • Posted by Phoenix ONE on Member
    Depending how how HIP you want to get:

    "Happy Cookers" -We know our way around the kitchen.

    "Hot in the Kitchen" Not Your Mother's Cooking Show

    "'Classy Dishes" We Cook with Class.

    "Cooking with Class" Not Your Mothers Cook Book.

    "Hottie in the Kitchen" Receipes too hot to handle! Tune in today.

    "Receipes For Lovers" Tune in and Turn On.

    "HIP, HOT and in the Kitchen"

    You could also go traditional ?? But maybe that would loose effect on your demographic and buzz?

    Good Luck and Happy Marketing ~
  • Posted on Member
    EZ Gourmet
    My Chef@Home
    Cook & Go
    Cook in a Dash
    Simply Cooking
  • Posted on Member
    Hi vincedog! What about "Cooker for sympathy"?
  • Posted on Author
    So far so good, guys!

    To answer Karen's question: Mike isn't conventionally cute, although one might say he's handsome in a goofy way - think young (late 20's/early 30's), crazy spiky hair, lean/muscular and mustache/soul patch. Oh, and Chinese character tattoos on his arms. But he's got a corny sense of humor, so he's not intimidating by any means.

    So which suggestions do people like so far? My personal favorites: Kitchen Confidential, FoodTube, My Chef@Home (I like the use of "@"). Crazy Delicious has lots of potential too, especially in light of the target audience.

    I also like "your online source for bitchin' kitchen ideas and culinary equipment" as a tagline.

    What do you guys think of the original ideas in my post (ChefCast, The Foodie Fix, A Chick and A Cook, Gourmet Crackers, etc.)? I would like to give some feedback to my team on their names.

    Keep 'em coming!
  • Posted on Accepted
    Sounds like fun too -- I like Crazy Delicious -- really dislike bitchin anything but that might just be me (and not your target market). Have a forum to ask some of those in your target market?

    Good luck and keep us posted really interested to see how this turns out.

    Cook on!!!

    Postive Thinker
  • Posted by Tracey on Accepted
    I'm in your target group, love to cook & buy gourmet cooking stuff, so it'd be up my alley as a consumer. I would be kind of offended if the name had "chick" in the title. The "chick" name would be OK if the show had 2 chicks cooking in it -- but not ok if it's a chef and a hot blonde... then I'm putting it in the same category as those Axe body spray commercials that I hate so much, or those TV infomercials for pots and pans on Sunday morning. (Maybe that's what you're going for, but I would guess that the infomercial audience is older).

    Watching a hot blonde is fine, but if she's just a "yes girl" that doesn't know anything about cooking - I'm gonna assume that the food is crap and I probably won't pay attention to the products. But of course, that's just my opinion, and well, you know what they say about opinions! I'd rather watch the chef by himself.

    I like "The Foodie Fix" best... foodie is a 'young' word. I also like Kitchen@Large, Crazy Delicious, and Food Shorts. I don't like GrubTube (sounds gross).

    A couple additional ideas: Snack Break, In the Kitchen with Mike, FoodieCast, KitchenCast. Best of luck, and have fun!
  • Posted on Accepted
    I might be missing something, but you should consider putting your brand in the title. Can you tell us the name or what it rhymes with?

    Brand name webcast cookin'

    Webcast cookin' with brand name

    Cookin' on the web with brand name and mike

    A watched podcast never boils

    You've got to do more with the brand, otherwise what's the point?
  • Posted on Author
    GREAT feedback, everyone! You've sold me on not using "bitchin'", "chick" or "grub".

    Tracey, you bring up a valid point. As it turns out (whew), Taya isn't just a "yes girl" - her character is positioned as someone who cooks already, but wants to take her cooking to another level. She knows her way around the basics of cooking.

    retail, we considered putting our brand name (Circulon) in the title, but decided against it for fear of making it sound like an informercial. These webisodes will be viewable not only on our website, but also on YouTube, iTunes, etc. In our view, the "Brought To You by..." in the opening and closing credits, as well as the use of Circulon cookware throughout the show, will be sufficient for this target audience. Do you agree?

    As a male member of the target age group, I like "The Foodie Fix" too - but it turns out that "Foodie" is a very polarizing term. Certain people absolutely identify with the term, and certain people hate everything that it represents. To me, this is OK. Better to have a passionate following than to have everyone feel lukewarm towards your product/brand.

    The decision-makers in my department are currently leaning towards "Hungry Bytes." What do you guys think? Be honest!
  • Posted by michelletrex on Member






  • Posted on Member
    Are you thinking about hungry bytes because this is going to be geared to techies?

    My vote is Crazy Delicious -- unless I see something or think of something else.

    Crazy Delicious w/ Mike and Karen!

  • Posted on Accepted
    If you have a great show but don't sell more cookware what's the point. You have great food and great tips and great recipies, great looking hosts...why can't I just use my old cookware to make it?

    What does Circulon do to make it better or easier? Is Circulon the "George Foreman Grill" of cookware? Does it clean up in a snap? Is it the non stick surface? Why is it different? Why should I buy it? Your podcast will entertain me and educate me but will it motivate me to buy?

    I like the name Circulon.

    I'm making this up...
    "Circulon Cooking" is different and makes this dish better because the patented grooves in the bottom evenly distribute the heat and never burns the edges like brand X does...see how everything sticks and cooks unevenly with brand X....

    Circulon - it's a brand and it's an action. "Circulon for 5 minutes on one side, then turn and circulon the other side for 3."

    Just food for thought.
  • Posted on Author
    I agree - "Delicious Bytes" would be much better than "Hungry Bytes" which, if you think about it, doesn't really make sense. Why would a bite be hungry? Delicious is definitely more appealing. "Crazy Delicious" is probably even better - especially for hitting our target demographic.

    you bring up some terrific points. Why would anyone be motivated to buy Circulon cookware after watching a cooking podcast that happens to be sponsored by Circulon?

    Well, we do try to highlight 1 or 2 important features/benefits of the product in each episode - whether it be the grooves, the hard-anodized, accessory pieces, etc. But the name "Circulon" is not explicitly mentioned in the show. It's completely soft-sell.

    Your idea, which I think has a lot of merit, is to do a harder sell. During the cooking show, tell the veiwer why she should choose Circulon instead of other brands. What, exactly, is it that sets Circulon apart?

    The show has already been filmed (we're just coming up with the name, ex-post-facto, after our original name got rejected by the lawyers for being too similar to an existing trademark), so this discussion is mostly hypothetical. But it may have an effect on the direction we take for Season 2.

    Love the idea of making Circulon a verb. In fact, I thought it might be fun to call the show "Groovy Cooking" ... as a pun on the Hi-Low grooves in the pan, which are the greatest differentiating feature of Circulon. And Chef Mike could say "ooo...that's groovy" all the time in the show, in the same way Emeril coined phrases like "BAM!" and "Kick it up a notch!" And then, to take this further into the realm of the ridiculous, the theme song of the show could be "Groove is in the Pan." Juuust kidding.

    In all seriousness, you guys have been SUPER in this forum. This forum has given me everything I could have hoped for, and more.

    UPDATE: Due to time pressures, we have already started to move forward with "Hungry Bytes" (getting Legal to approve it, registering it, etc.), which I'm admittedly not thrilled about, but it seemed like everyone thought it was OK. Sigh. I would rather have settled on something less "vanilla," but that's OK. The name can only do so much for us - what will keep people coming back is if the show is actually good.

    Take care everyone and thanks again!

  • Posted on Author
    Just thought I'd pass this on - it's the online cooking show that I asked you guys for advice about earlier. The show is currently on Episode 4 of an inaugural season that includes sumptuous recipes like "Asparagus Proscuitto & Truffle Essence Risotto" or "Spiced Meatballs & Chorizo with Romesco Sauce".

    Episode 1: A Romantic Dinner

    Episode 2: The Cocktail Party

    Episode 3: The Sushi Rave

    Episode 4: WINE + FOOD

    Each 10-min episode features a different recipe, and can be downloaded on iTunes (for free!) so you can play it (or rewind, pause, etc.) on your iPod while you try out the recipe in your kitchen.

    Get "Hungry Bytes" from iTunes:

    Just to make sure we hit as many of our consumer touchpoints as possible, all of the current episodes are also viewable at

    Bon appetit and thanks again for all of your help!


    P.S. Any feedback (positive or negative) would be MOST welcome!

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