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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Tagline For A Hotel Restaurant That Is Rebranding

Posted by Anonymous on 150 Points
dear beutiful minds of marketing profs. Here is the scenario we are in, and we are looking forward to hearing your suggestions:

Dilemma- We need a tagline that will reflect the changes we are going through and help us achieve the result outlined below.

Us-We are a 4 star hotel. We have an inhouse restaurant called Seasons Restaurant which we are currently rebranding. As part of rebranding, we changed our logo, our table settings and our menu.

We are currently working on improving the quality of our service to make it more professional yet still friendly and attentive. Our new table settings will create more elegant look. Our logo is a simple design but has a clear cut professional look and feel. We never had a tagline before.

Our product-We have international cuisine and modern Australian cuisine in our new menu. We use fresh ingredients that are delivered daily and we prepare most of the meals in house instead of buying prepared like most of the other places these days.

Our target market-We want our hotel guests to use our restaurant more often. We have corporate clients who use our hotel for their conferences and we would like to see them more often as well. We also want to attract more of the locals as there is no real competition and no other decent restaurants around our neighbourhood other than take away food or pub food.

Our ideal result of the rebranding exercise is to be a premier a la carte restaurant around our neighbourhood and create a dining experience for the patrons while getting more of our target market into our restaurant.

thank you

  • Posted by Billd724 on Accepted
    Seasons Restaurant
    "Simply Elegant"
  • Posted on Accepted
    International Ingredients

    Time to Take a Trip

    International Cuisine, Local Address
  • Posted on Member
    seasons restaurant

    where fresh food is job 1
  • Posted by PetePallett on Member
    Rather than locking yourself into a tagline now, why not use a temporary yet consistent advertising "theme" while you're undergoing menu/decor changes?



    We're changing

    Come and watch SEASONS change.

    Good luck
  • Posted on Member
    -Dine anytime, any reason

    -Making everyday special

    -Time for a change

  • Posted by greg on Accepted

    How about

    'Global Cuisine - Locally Cooked'

  • Posted by mbarber on Accepted
    Gidday Cenk - are you at Mandurah in the West or at the hotel airport over on the eastern side of the continent?

    Before looking at the type of tag that might fit I'd definitely want to know more about where you are located because if you are either of those two locations, I'd be coming up with very different tags given the likely audience you'd have available to you.
  • Posted on Accepted
    Hate the word "fuss" -- need to be more positive.

    How about:
    For a delightful dining experience
  • Posted by browncatfan on Accepted
    Some of you are pretty hard on "fuss." I'm guessing it's just the way you might say "not stuffy" down under. Just the same, here are a few that try to make the same point differently...and a few built on your uniqueness.

    Seasons. Casually sensational!

    Seasons. Special food. Comfortable surroundings.

    Seasons. Classy, yes. Pricey, no.

    Seasons. Everything's fresh.

    Seasons. In the mood for something fresh?

    A great meal is always in Seasons!
  • Posted by Deremiah *CPE on Accepted
    Hi down under,

    Hope you're having a great day. Thanks for such a wonderful question.


    Why not involve the customer?...they're your real audience right? Take some time to find out from them the reasons why they buy. That's what the great ad-man Claude Hopkins would have done.


    Why do your customers buy from you?

    What are the emotional benefits your restaurant gives to your customers?

    Are there any other emotional benefits your customers receive?

    Have you ever asked your customers on a consistent basis what do you think about our place of business?

    Now think about this if the customer really loves what you do best they're communication is where the next level of your business should be built.

    I've engaged clients many of times to do this and to glean from this very valuable resource. You might be amazed at what occurs. Allow your customer to take ownership in the process. Right now you have a customer base that will offer advice that will lead you down the path to other customers like them. The only question is do you want customers like them or are you looking for a different customer base?

    READ MORE BOOKS ON's a new one...
    On page 28 & 29 a friend of mine and Branding Expert Ben Mack says this in his most recent book called "THINK TWO PRODUCTS AHEAD", "branding is not the design of the logo but the experience. The experience of buying affects my likelihood to buy again or even consider buying again....Names, logos, web sites, and packaging are invitations to enjoy your product or service, to do business with you. Every contact a consumer has with your company should be inviting---an extension of your hospitality and an invitation to buy now."

    On pg 16 Ben says
    "Everything that comes into a consumer's mind about your product is part of your brand, but most of the message doesn't stick. Brands are bigger than advertising or your logo or any tangible. The logo and the brand name are physical manifestations of a brand, but they are not the brand; they are accessories, in the same way that a United States flag is not the United States."

    Framing words for a target audience is both a science and an art. Give yourself the greatest opportunity to make this a successful venture. Think about what you would like the out come to be. I like keeping ideas simple so I'm only offering two simple but powerful solutions. This will stimulate the emotion in the Analytical mind and the Creative mind of your customer.

    ... Fresh fully Delightful
    ...Fresh-Seasons In-House

    REMEMBER... our only real problem in life is our failure to be "MORE Creative" than we’ve ever been. If you “Invent” your opportunity YOU WILL most definitely create your future. I'm only an email away from you if you need my help. Is there anything else I can do for you?

    Your Servant, Deremiah, *CPE (Customer Passion Evangelist)

    *Caring Promotes Exuberance
  • Posted by NovaHammer on Accepted
    Seasons Restaurant

    A Constellation of Star Choices.

    (There are celestial seasons too)

    ps Trivia-I learned Orion's Belt in Oz is called 'The Saucepan' - now there is an omen for ya!

    GL from The Great White North!

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