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Topic: Taglines/Names

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The One & Only ( (( Deremiah, *cpe )) ) Can You Brand You Effectively?

Posted by Deremiah *CPE on 2569 Points

Hi, it's Deremiah, *CPE and I would love to become your long time friend, surprise SECRET weapon and geniune Servant. For over 200 years my ancestors have been able to bring value in the area of amazing customer service and now it's my time to carry the torch. Beginning today and ONLY for the next ---TWO--- business days I will be asking the most *** intriguing questions*** you have ever heard me ask on this forum.

While I speak motivationally and have great relationships with the Nightingale-Conant family, an organization that has been dealing with more Fortune 500 and 100 organizations than you could ever imagine that's not enough. My life goal is to show corporations how they can become outrageously successful at running effective Branding campaigns in their communities for children.

And because I understand why customers make deep emotional decisions...what they will do for you if you only ask them correctly, why you can't afford not to know what their emotional hot buttons are and how I learned to anticipate their emotional responses with amazing accuracy only because I put their needs way above my own. The good news is I'd love to teach you how to do it too. So that means I'm going to need your help and there's a whole lot of spectacular benefits in it for you and all your clients. Shoot me an email right now if you'd like to take it to the next level. Thanks!

Right now for a limited time only I personally invite you, every friend you know, family member or Marketingprofs Expert to be my special guess for the NEXT MOST EXCITING ---TWO DAYS--- of your life!

The questions I will ask will spread across many categories in hopes to get you to the state of mind you will need to be in to answer the FINAL QUESTION this Friday, April 6th, 2007 @ --6:09 PM Sharp-- Central Time.

I can not say this enough...Each question is somehow connected to the other so if you miss one (I hope you don't) there will be a DIS-CONNECT in how you SEE the final question. Of course it is my prayer that YOU WILL not MISS one single question because it will be equal to trying to answer something you have not prepared for.

Many people will not participate because most people lack the ability to


And this is the primary reason why most people fail (but I've been quite successful). Because in order to succeed in anything

*** FOCUS *** is required.

I will try to make this part easy ---by making the questions mean so much more to you in content, personal value and points--- but I have not decided how I will reward those points so PLEASE give your best answers and to heck with everybody else. You just got to go for yours or be left behind!

SO HERE WE GO with nearly the lasttwo most amazing questions.

I hope you're not SLEEP?!!! Stop! contact one other person right now!

My good friend and author Ben Mack who just released his latest book in January 2007 "Think TWO PRODUCTS Ahead". He gave me some personal advice one afternoon that I'll never forget. And now I'd like to see if you're ready to graduate your branding tactics. By reframing the final question you can get so much more additional power out of your message.


Hi you,

you're probably wondering what is Deremiah, *CPE cooking up now. Well I'll tell you in a minute but first we got to deal with the amazing ideas in this question. If you've been following us closely you know this is question #4.

So this question is a CHALLENGE and a test of your ability to see if you can Brand.

PART 1.) your opportunity to participate in this question will begin with your entry fee which is simply you showing your innovative abilities to use three letters to communicate unlimited possibilities. Here are the three letters you will have to use. CPE

You are limited to using these three letters and you must use them in the percise order and sequence above. Here are some examples of how I have used these letters.

Customer Passion Evangelist
Creating Powerful Excitement
Caring Promotes Exuberance

I hope you get the picture. Now if you do get it, something amazingly creative is about to happen right before your eyes.

PART 2.) Tell us one success story of how you created awesome value by either

A.) improving a brand
B.) creating a brand from scratch or
C.) Saving a brand that was about to go down the drain

Well that's it for question #4.

NOTE: (this question will not be up longer than *** 69 hours ***... so please after you answer the question notify at least one marketingprof friend to take a shot).

Thank you so much. You're such a wonderful, amazing precious human being. Never let anyone ever convince you of anything different. And if they think differently tell them "What you think about me is none of my business". Is there anything else I can do for you? You know more than anything I'd love to help. Serving customers like you is so wonderful!!!

Is there anything I can do for you?

Your Servant,

Deremiah, *CPE (Customer Passionate Executive)

*Caring Promotes Exuberance

REMEMBER... our only real problem in life is our failure to be "MORE Creative" than we’ve ever been. If you “Invent” your opportunity YOU WILL most definitely create your future.

  • Posted by michael on Accepted
    Completely Powerless Executives
    Commitment Produces Excitement

    This is a hard one as branding is not our focus, but let me try this.

    I once worked for a company in the transportation industry. Through a series of events I met a customer (through one of my better distributors) who unleashed on me all his hatred toward my company.

    He told me of how my company could have retained his business if we would only have offered to pay for an inconvenience WE created for him. The cost might have been $25 maximum. When he threatened to take his business elsewhere the "customer relations" person commented "you'll be back". (I hope you're all fuming as I was!) 15 years later as I met him, he had not come back...and was now the president of this very successful company.

    A sincere personal apology was just the first step in this 14 month process of winning back his business. (I knew from the distributor how much he was spending with my competitor). Invariably when I would visit the distributor they'd be on the phone with him and I'd ask to talk with him...not about my company, but about his company.

    This was probably 12 years ago but I can still remember a conversation we had (he called me directly while on the road after he had begun using us again) in which he told me, specifically, that he would spend more money to do business with me (he gave me a dollar amount which isn't as important as the fact that it equated to about 22%) because he knew that if there was a problem, I ...emphasis on I...would take care of it.

    Our company had been losing market share steadily over the previous 2 1/2 years. Eventually we regained top position in the market and pushed out several competitors....not that were already there, but new entrants who wanted to capitalize on the growing marketplace.

    Not sure if this fits with any of those 3 or not.

    Thanks again!


  • Posted on Accepted
    C.) Saving a brand that was about to go down the drain

    We had always marketed our different products separately which was very successful. All of a sudden someone decided to market all of the products together as a bundled service under one brand. HUGE mistake. Profits went down and people were confused. Looking at past graphs and profits we wondered what we did different. Changes in flow lines? No! Changes in pricing? NO! It just didn't add up. I must admit, I got on the bandwagon for a bit, until clients started asking what happened to ----------. Then it hit us. We caused this chaos! Updating the logo's a bit still keeping the same look and theme, and marketing the products separately again did the trick. We had no idea that this change would cause such a problem. Huge BRANDING MISTAKE!

    It will never happen again, I'll tell you. Thanks Deremiah! Fun Questions!!!

    Promo Chic
  • Posted by Deremiah *CPE on Author
    Hi Michael,

    Thanks! good word content on the *CPE.

    And yes your story has *BA..."Brand Appeal". Pay ATTENTION FOLKS...notice Michael is illustrating something else that's almost instinct in our "Hustle YO Momma Society"......In the "Hustle YO Momma Society" people don't have time to:

    1.) Show *GC...Geniune CARE
    2.) Show *AF...Apology FACTOR
    3.) Show *LOVE...Loud Outrageous Visual Exuberance

    Great illustration of "SAVING A BRAND" from disaster. But more importantly your keen sense of knowing what to do next shows you have the most AMAZING----(( ( *CPE )) ) ability=Customer PASSION Evangelism appeal.

    Keep up the great work Michael. You got it now take it to the WORLD...One customer-at-a-time.

    Your Servant,

    Deremiah, *CPE (Customer Passion Evangelist)

    Caring Promotes Exuberance
  • Posted by Deremiah *CPE on Author
    Hi Promochic,

    Come back forgot to give me what powerful branding words you could put into *CPE...that was your invitation to offer the story!

    And yes your story has *SAB..."SAVE A BRAND" appeal. Pay ATTENTION FOLKS...notice Promochic's story and what we can learn from *BF...I call it


    the new Spike Lee movie on what happens to organizations that have "BUNDLE FEVER"...I hope you don't have "BUNDLE FEVER".

    "BUNDLE FEVER" illustrates another fine example of what we have too much of in this "Hustle YO Momma Society"......In the "Hustle YO Momma Society" people don't have time to:

    1.) Think *CFOC...Concern For Our Customers
    2.) Think *TPA...Two Products Ahead...get Ben Mack's book
    3.) Think *LWPP...Like We're Playing Poker

    Great illustration that prevented a major disaster. But more importantly Promochic you have a keen sense of knowing what to do next and that shows you have the most AMAZING----(( ( *CPE )) ) ability=Customer PASSION Evangelism appeal.

    Excellent input Promochic, I didn't know you had such a Beautiful Mind. So now that you've been blessed by one of the Kings of the *CPE world go now and take it to the WORLD...One Customer-at-a-time and build your *BUC = BRAND-U-Corporate world.

    I LOVE pleasing customers just like you. "IT's SO EXHILARATING!!!

    Your Servant,

    Deremiah, *CPE (Customer Passion Evangelist)

    Caring Promotes Exuberance
  • Posted by Deremiah *CPE on Author
    Hey there Kathysmithcasting,

    you've got Creative Professional Endurance. Good content on the *CPE, and you make others look good.

    And yes your story has *IA..."Intuitive Appeal". Pay ATTENTION FOLKS...notice Kathysmithcasting and what we can learn from *KI...I call it


    "KEEN INSIGHT" illustrates another fine example of what we have Oh! too little of in our "Hustle YO Momma Society"......In the "Hustle YO Momma Society" people don't have time to:

    1.) SEE *The Future of What Could Be...*TFWCB
    2.) SEE *From The Inside Out...*FTIO

    GREAT illustration it's all about what we ---SEE---. Can you see what I see and if you can you can see where I'm going. But more importantly Kathysmithcasting you have an awesome intuitive sense and I NOW Crown you the most AMAZING----(( ( *CPE )) ) =Customer PASSION Evangelist with Super Natural Intutive Emotional Ability. Wow!

    Excellent input Kathysmithcasting, I didn't know you had such a Beautiful Mind. So now that you've been blessed by one of the Kings of the *CPE world go now and take it to the WORLD...One Customer-at-a-time and build your *BUC = BRAND-U-Corporate world.

    I LOVE pleasing customers just like you. "IT's SO EXUBERATING!!!

    Your Servant,

    Deremiah, *CPE (Customer Passion Evangelist)

    Caring Promotes Exuberance
  • Posted by Deremiah *CPE on Author
    Hey there Proeditor,

    between you and Kathysmithcasting I must also say you've got *WA=Weave Ability! The ability to Weave your story and content into a nice promotion piece about yourself and companies. Now that's what this whole question is about. Do you have the ability to effectively BRAND-U with a story that illustrates what you've done for your customer.

    In Ben Mack's new book "Think TWO PRODUCTS Ahead" and I'm tellin' you guys if you haven't got the book you're missing a lot of new ideas about BRANDING and you're also willfully avoiding the opportunity to grow as Ben DE-Bunks a lot of BRANDING MYTHS... I like Ben he's "MACK-A-Licious" you can read about him at

    Proeditor, you are a Customer Persuasion Enthusiast. Good content on the *CPE, and you've got WEAVE


    And yes your story has *WA..."Weave Appeal". Pay ATTENTION FOLKS...notice Proeditor and what we can learn from *BFS...I call it


    "BUILDING FROM SCRATCH" illustrates the strength great organizations like one source have. And in this generation it's like Dinosaurs...near extinction in our "Hustle YO Momma Society"......In the "Hustle YO Momma Society" people don't have time to:

    1.) Create *Bottom Down Approaches...*BDA
    2.) Create *Out of Your Selves Experiences...*OYSE
    3.) Create *Enthusiastic Determinable Growth Excitement...*EDGE

    Wow! illustration with good story edge it's all about what we can create. Tapping into the creative history of our greatest thinkers like Edison, Einstein, P.T. Barnum, Franklin and George Washington Carver. Can you get off your butt for a moment and think with your HEAD, create with your HEART and convince your MIND to go after it *HHM. But more importantly Proeditor you have an awesome Genesis Creative sensitivity and I NOW Crown you the most SUCCESSFUL START----(( ( *CPE )) ) =Customer PASSION Evangelist with Super Natural Creative Insight-Ability. NOW!

    Superb Proeditor, You're a Beautiful Mind! So now that you've been blessed by one of the Kings of the *CPE world go now and take it to the WORLD...One Customer-at-a-time and build your *BUC = BRAND-U-Corporate world.

    I LOVE the way you do what you do because no-one can do it like you because you do it so WELL. "IT's SO EXUBERATING!!!

    Your Servant,

    Deremiah, *CPE (Customer Passion Evangelist)

    Caring Promotes Exuberance
  • Posted on Accepted
    Hey, i'll be offline Fri - Sunday, But I'd still like to play if you would consider giving us a little time on monday to catch up or assign some extra credit.

    I'll start with more words of wisdom in honor of Martin Luthor King Jr. - "The time is always right to do what is right." - MLK

    CPE - Competent Professional Execution

    CPE - Conceptualize, Plan, Execute

    CPE - Create, Postulate, Evaluate

    There's nothing like doing right things right.

    Improving a brand - kinda

    I have had the opportunity to work with a wonderful brand of 3D glasses called Holiday Specs - - they are novelty eyeglasses made for viewing Christmas lights - the optics in the lenses actually bend the light to form wonderful holiday images like snowmen, snowflakes, santa, etc...

    When I joined the company the glasses were sold at retail inabout 1000 stores. It was a great product with a high profit margin, so why were there so few stores and no major chains selling the product?

    When I asked the prospects why they said no and even asked current customers why anyone would say no... I shut up and listened and found out that although the product was great and offered a high margin, the display was a nightmare to assemble and most people assembeled it incorrectly.

    I simplified the design and assembly of the display and in many cases we preassemble the display so all the retailer has to do is open the shipping box and hang the display and start selling. As a bonus the actual cost of the display went from $15.00 to less than $5.00.

    In 2005 we were in 3000 stores and last year we were in over 8,000 stores and are on track to double that this year - just by listening to the customer and delivering a great product (I made no changes to the brand) in a way that was easy for them to use, display and focus on what they do best as merchants and not display engineers. The average store sells 330 units - customers actually call giggling to reorder because they can't believe their customers buy so many of the funny 3D glasses.

    Maybe I should have said Constantly Pay (Attention with your) Ears

    PS American Paper Optics is happy to send samples upon request. just go to and ask.

  • Posted on Accepted
    Sorry Deremiah,
    I did not fully answer the question. To answer and finish the question properly I must add my CPE:
    Creating Promotional Excitement

    Thanks again for the qreat questions!

    Promo Chic
  • Posted by BARQ on Accepted

    Cerebration Produces Effulgence
    Cognoscenti Proscribe Epigonism
    Concinnity Provides Emolument

    One of our clients, a market leader, was losing market share due to the "genericization" of one of their brands. Sonotube was becoming the generic term for any round paper tube in which concrete could be poured to form a column.

    The brand name was also being mutated by the client to describe new products: SonoSquare (for square columns), SonoVoid, etc.

    Our solution was to eliminate the mutated names and recover the identity of the brand separate from the product by naming the products Sonotube Round, Sonotube Square, Sonotube Void, etc. so when a contractor asked for "sonotubes" the question "what type" was necessary. The parent company name (Sonoco) was also minimized on the package (the product IS the package) and we made the Sonotube brand name large enough to be visible all across the construction site. We also developed the tagline "Stand Strong" -- a phrase that not only described the product's attributes, but with which concrete workers, architects and contractors could all identify.

    A 2-part, 3-audience direct mail program (that used the actual product as a shipping container) plus the elimination of many private labeling agreements, coupled with a distinctive name and logo for their new "Rain Guard" waterproofing properties, gave the client a 10-point jump in market share within 6 months.

    SELMARQ Brands' Best Friend
  • Posted on Accepted

    I have been following this amazing journey & felt compelled to participate. I am and always have been somewhat of a rebel so here is my answer to Part 1:

    CREATE PURSUE EVALUATE ---> which is in the order that you specified, however in life we must sometimes
    CHANGE PRECONCEIVED ENIGMAS to accomplish our goals, so my real response would be to reverse the order...

    As for Part 2:
    I have created a brand from scratch. I’m a home builder turned software developer, through a series of events, beginning with the turmoil I had to live through every day managing my construction business. My desk was covered with a montage of crumpled receipts riddled with post-it-notes doodled in some indistinguishable hieroglyphics and I realized that if I wanted to improve my efficiency and remain competitive, a little technological help was in order.

    Frustrated by elusive and unaffordable software solutions, I decided that the end to my problems would be the start of my new venture. Hence the conception of GC.1.0, a PROJECT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE application geared to affordably resolve the many issues frustrated contractors like myself experience, while managing their businesses.

    The result was an application so effective that I think the tool belt should be retrofitted to accommodate this cd, as I believe it to be “The builder’s ultimate power tool!”

    As in life, I try to constantly keep moving forward by listening and learning. CPE - EPC - EVALUATE PURSUE CREATE

    Thank you for the challenge. I have truly enjoyed the questions and the incredible answers,

  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    Can I just use Steve's CPE?

    Confidence, Professionalism, Excellence

    I like that a lot.

    Because I've been consulting so long, I've had a number of opportunities to improve, create and save brands across many categories ... and it's hard to pick just one example that makes me proud of what I've been able to do.

    Perhaps the one that has had the greatest impact on the (commercial) market is Stainmaster certified carpet, a brand we created for DuPont. Nylon carpet fiber was a mature business for them, and they hadn't really viewed it as a consumer product ... just a commodity nylon that was sold to carpet mills so they could manufacture carpet.

    We embarked on a year-long project to understand consumer attitudes, awareness, habits, practices, values, beliefs and unmet needs. Then we reviewed the technical expertise within DuPont that might improve nylon carpet fiber. And we developed a plan to introduce a revolutionary product in that industry.

    It was Stainmaster, and it was a huge success for our client.

    Of course, we didn't do it alone. There was a team of people at DuPont, its advertising agency and other outside resources. Our role was the strategic leadership of that team and coming up with the idea and marketing plan that made the product the success that it has been.

    I'm really proud of what we did, and of the contribution that the effort made not only to DuPont (and its shareholders), but also to millions of consumers who benefit to this day from a superior product in their homes.
  • Posted by BARQ on Accepted

    To quote Ricky Nelson:

    Can't Please Everyone

    Changing People's Etiquette
    Coruscate Positive Energy

    SELMARQ Brands' Best Friend
  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Accepted
    Hi Deremiah,

    Enjoying these questions and the fresh approach.

    For CPE:

    compelling potentiality evangelist
    compelling possibilities emissary

    commander plentiful effects
    commander possibility expectations

    chief possibility eagle
    chief promise evangelist

    charismatic prosperity educator
    charismatic possibilities emissary

    catalytic possibilities expectations
    catalytic potential evangelist

    congruent promise expectations
    congruent potential educator

    confluence plentiful expectations
    confluence potentiality emissary

    copious prosperity emissary
    copious possibilities expectations

    crescendo potential effects
    crescendo possibilities emissary

    creative professional expectations
    creative paradigm emissary

    Originator of dozens of original brand names and brand repositioning strategies. Currently working on Qobi.Mobi(TM), Mobile Financial Information Services.

    Hope this helps,

  • Posted by telemoxie on Accepted
    Conceive, Plan, Execute
    Cultivating Prospect Expectations
    Creating Prospect Excitement
    Creating Profitable Enterprises
    Coaching Professional Enterprises
    Coaching par excellence
    Counselling Produces Excellence

    C words: Customer, Committed, Creating , Cultivating, Counselling, convincing, celebrating
    P words: Potential, Profitable, Prospect, Plan, Planning, Professional, Production, Possibilities
    E words: Evaluation, Examine, Expert, Empathy, Enterprises, Eloquence, Effectiveness

    (I'm just a telemarketing guy, not a branding guy - and so sorry, I can't tell you a story of how I created or rescued a brand)
  • Posted by hotbuttons on Accepted
    Hi all!

    Must say that Deremiah promotes the internal message very well. Reading between the lines, my take on all of these questions is that we need to look beyond the surface not only for our clients but for ourselves as well.


    Constructing Professional Exuberance
    Creating Personal Excellence
    Continuous Positive Energy

    How have I recreated a brand?

    Regardless of where I have worked in the past, I have more often than not been the one who gets the "difficult" clients.

    By the time they find their way to me they are REALLY pissed off and ready to take their business elsewhere. I can't profess that I have saved the day in every situation however my past record is pretty darn good if I do say so myself.

    The secret? It's usually quite simple.

    Hear them. Don't just listen and follow company protocol - hear what they are saying and also what they are not saying. Empathize and go outside the box per say in an effort to truly resolve the issue at hand.

    At times a little difficult to do when someone is screaming at you yet a sense of humor and a thick skin can often take care of that.

    When it doesn't... fume internally over the high horse jerk and tell all of your friends why people suck. (Jokes).

    Not sure if this constitutes rebranding but when you are able to salvage a relationship in a positive manner, you quite often gain yourself a customer for life.

    Great questions Deremiah! ;D
  • Posted by steven.alker on Accepted
    Dear Deremiah

    As my core business is meant to be CRM, but has ended up as PRM (Prospect relationship management) and my new business is SPM or Sales Performance Management (Sales Forecasting and Activity Analysis and Optimisation) I thought that my own CPE would be “Customer Performance Excellence”. It defines what we will try to do for our customers – to allow them to become excellent in all aspects of their sales and marketing performance.

    As for building a brand, one of my favourite success stories was with my first employer, Kane May Measuring Instruments. I was hired by them as a technical sales trainee, their first graduate on the sales team, so I got my ass kicked by a tough old-school sales manager. He kicked it hard enough to hurt, but hard enough to allow me to succeed! Kane May had a splendid range of portable hand-held instruments, mainly measuring temperature, but we were not the top brand. That belonged to our larger competitor, Comark.

    In 1982 our new managing director took the risky step of introducing a new instrument into our range, a combustion analyser which is used to tune a commercial or industrial boiler, making it more efficient and saving money on the fuel bill. We were unknown in this area which was dominated by giants like Honeywell, Westinghouse and Neotronics which competed with long established wet-chemical analysis kits. To sell in this arena, we needed to understand the cost benefit arguments and the technology, which encompassed combustion engineering, chemistry, electrochemical cell technology as well as our established understanding of thermometry. It was an order of magnitude more complex than the areas we had been accustomed to and the value of a sale was 5 to 10 times our existing levels.

    Starting as a field sales engineer, my BSc allowed me to assimilate the technology of the sales argument faster than anyone else. Realising that the cost would make this item a budgetary item rather than an impulse purchase, I realised that I would need to play a longer sales game than usual, so I sold to next years budget, rather than trying to close a sale on the day. That was hard in a company which scored us on the “Close on the day” rate. I was successful at a sales level such that in 1983 I outsold the rest of the UK sales force put together (10 talented people) in my own territory of Scotland. As a consequence, I was promoted to be the combustion manager to head up the sales and marketing of this new product for the entire company, globally.

    I realised that we needed to invent an entirely new way of conveying the cost benefit arguments and that we needed to break down the technology barriers which prevented our sales people and our distributors from succeeding with combustion analyser sales as they did with temperature measurement. I also needed to overcome the resistance from the user community to “New Technology” which they engineers either mistrusted or saw as a threat to their vested interests.

    I put together novel presentations which combined technical explanations of what we were doing with practical examples of the user benefits. I produced cost benefit presentations for the CFO’s who would have to sign off the orders and I recruited boiler service engineers to be passionate evangelists about a new way for them to enhance the professionalism of their roles. I wrote endless articles for the industrial, technical and financial press, emphasising the benefits as they accrued to different sectors of industry and to different professions and I set out to gently demolish the perception that the “Old Way” was the best way by comparing like with like – even mildly poking fun at established Luddite practices. Just as I had persuaded the company to let me play the long game on my own territory, I persuaded them that we would gain our results in a year, rather than the usual 2 months and boy did we succeed.

    Within 18 months we had overtaken all the competition, coming from nowhere. Some of our old adversaries threw in the towel and became our customers – we could build better combustion analysers than they could and sell them to them at an attractive enough margin to make it pointless them doing it themselves. We even concluded a part-build deal with the People’s Republic of China!

    It was a wonderful formative experience to be allowed to look at the whole of a sales and marketing problem and bring a solution to the market, satisfying the company, our sales people, our distributors and thousands of customers. I got made marketing manager as a result. The irony of the situation was that we made so much money from combustion analysers that we were able to buy our thermometry brand leader, Comark. What was really ironic was that later, the old man recognised the strength of the Comark name and brand and changed the main company’s operating name to Comark, hiving off the combustion analyser business into his own private company, Kane International. Comark is one of my clients today and Kane International is still a brand leader in combustion.

    Best wishes and good luck on your inspirational journey.

    Steve Alker
    Unimax Solutions
  • Posted by Deremiah *CPE on Author
    Hey guys,

    great input here. I've been real busy talking to some of you guys via email and telephone. THANKS everyone for such geniune input.

    To all the Steve's great input...Steve, Stevea, Steve Byrne. Good input from the Steve's including a lot of detail from Stevea. Steve Byrne you've just snapped with all the input you're offering on the new *CPE's branding opportunities.

    Great Brand YOU concepts BarQ and Goodman. Love the detail and the story appeal you've added to my post.

    Your Servant,

    Deremiah, *CPE (Customer Passion Evangelist)

    Caring Promotes Exuberance
  • Posted by Deremiah *CPE on Author
    Hi Telemoxie,

    forgot to say excellent on the labeling of the *CPE stuff. What a way to brand your ability to add value throgh name creation. Keep up the good work and you too hotbuttons. Nice way to get your point across.

    Anyone else please feel free to add to the post and drop something unique, tell your branding story or add your try to the *CPE branding effort.

    Is there anything else I can do for you?

    Your Servant,

    Deremiah, *CPE (Customer Passion Evangelist)

    Caring Promotes Exuberance
  • Posted by Jo Masterson on Accepted

    I did not ready everyones postings so I may be duplicating ideas...

    CPE :
    The CHALLENGE “communicate unlimited possibilities”

    In Chaos Potential Exists
    Create Potential Everywhere

    Compassion Produces Excellence
    Creativity, Passion, Experiance

    Constantly Promote Entropy
    Compassion, Passion, Empathy

    Create Passion Externally

    Good Luck,
  • Posted by BARQ on Accepted
    This might best describe the purpose of this series of questions:

    CPE: Cozening Professional Efficacy


  • Posted by Deremiah *CPE on Author
    Hi you,


    you have become a member of:


    Starting tomorrow for the next 10 days you will have the amazing opportunity of a life time...This will be a one time ONLY deal. I will make my email account on my profile available to you. What can you do with my email account? You can have Free access to us building a stronger relationship and even participating in the "THE ONE & ONLY CLUB".

    Well thanks everybody for your special time and your GREAT energy. Is there anything else I can do for YOU?

    Your Servant,

    Deremiah, *CPE (Customer Passionate Evangelist)

    *Caring Promotes Exuberance!

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