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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Need Name For Girls Night Out Or Ladies Night

Posted by Anonymous on 400 Points
I am starting an event planning company Eventions (many of you have commented on this name--thanks again). Our very first event to kick off the company will be a monthly ladies night out. I want this to be a signature event that will take place monthly.

This will be an event where women ages 25-40 can hang out, relax, have drinks, and participate/learn a new activity while networking with other women.

The first event will be Saturday, May 19th. We will learn some ballroom dances (tango, merengue, and other Latin dances) and have an after party complete with music, food, and signature drinks.

The activities will change monthly and so will the location depending on the activity. I need a name that appeals to a single career woman as these activities will cost $35+.

I need a name for this that is more than just "Ladies Night" or "Girls Night Out" that I can use each month.

Thanks in advance for all of your help.

  • Posted on Member
    I think you should give each event it's own name that fits the theme of the event and list it under a special events page of your website or print materials. If you're going to take the time to make these events special and signature, why bundle it under a generic name like "ladies night out" or "networking opportunity"? For instance, for the one with the ballroom lessons, make it a Sizzling Salsa Evening and serve chips and salsa. Or go with Ballroom Blast and serve iced or minty drinks.
  • Posted on Accepted
    I agree with karen, you want to develop your brand name.

    Ladies Eventions
    Chic Eventions
    The Eventions Gala (subtle use of "gal")
    Eventions Commensual
    Eventions Night -it's that time of the month!

    Good luck,

    ethnicomm inc.
  • Posted on Member
    savvy fun-filled nights

    savvy fun filled events

  • Posted by henryj on Member
    I sit on the board of an international affairs non-profit and started an informal women's night out in an effort to boost ticket sales of their speaker series. I call it "Smart Women Thinking Deep Thoughts" and the group includes a select group of women friends and collegues. We attend the lectures, usually held at a local hotel, and then adjourn to the downstairs bar or restaurant to discuss the lecture over drinks and dinner. It gets a few more folks in the door who wouldn't ordinarily attend and I get to hang out with good friends for the evening over spirited conversation.
  • Posted on Member

    The X Network

    X (as in x chromosome) Marks the Night! would be a good tag line....

  • Posted on Member
  • Posted on Accepted
    How about:

    - Ladies First

    - The Girls Club

    - Ladies Network!

    - Cosmopolitan Ladies

    - The Ladies Room

    - Ova Eventions

    - The Ladies Lounge

    Hope these help,
  • Posted by NovaHammer on Accepted
    ELuminator Escapades


    Eye-Of-The-Storm Retreat

    Invoking the Goddess

    MoonFlower Celebration
    ...from the Japanese FolkTale ....

    When 'Moonflower' matured, her parents, though sick at heart, invited the entire village to a big celebration. Golden lanterns glowed in the large courtyard, colorful paper decorations hung in the trees, musicians played lovely music, and the tables were covered with enough food and rice wine to please everyone.

    GL and Have Fun
  • Posted on Member
    I see my opinion was definately overruled! :)

    There were a lot of good points made about branding, consistency, etc etc. However, let me explain my reasoning to NOT call these event something, especially along the lines of "Ladies Night Out".

    So often now, I get invites to "Ladies Nights" or "Girls Afternoons" and the like. And they are not invites for events parties or dinners, they are all Pampered Chef parties, or Candle Lite, or Lia Sophia or Tupperware. Or even worse, an event where all these vendors are in the same place in a trade show like environment. As a result, I'm so turned off to anything "Ladies Night" and while alot of the names I saw are kitchy and fun, they still evoke these emotions in me.

    I belong to a young professionals social network that hosts events quite frequently. And there isn't a set name for the events, which range from basketball games to afterwork drinks to financial seminars, just an evite that gets sent out from the group leader and the name of the event. But the group name is all over the place and that's what I remember.

    I think not having a set name also helps to avoid the perception of the events being the same old, same old every month, even though they very well won't be.
  • Posted on Author
    NovaHammer--I love the Moonflower name! I may not go with it for an overall theme, but it gives me a great idea for an event!

    Thank you everyone! Keep the ideas coming!
  • Posted on Member
    Feminite (from feminity - the quality of being a woman)
    Farenite - A hot night out
    Therapy (just a little fun, telling people you are going to therapy with your best friend. Especially if they are career women, they need a little therapy after a hard day)
    Glam - A Glamorous night out
    The Lounge - Kick back and relax at the Lounge
    The Water Cooler
    Girls Aloud
    Just Us Girls

  • Posted by Ravee on Member
    "The Nightwalkers"
    "She's in Party Tonight"

  • Posted on Member
  • Posted on Member
    What about

    Gold Class Series.

    The Pink Stileto

    The Gold Door

    White Leather

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