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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Name & Tag Line For Hair Salon

Posted by Lejla on 150 Points
My friend is re-opening hair salon in a small town. Her name is Olivera. Her target consumers are middle and high income consumers, mostly women.

Any ideas for name for hair salon and tag line?

  • Posted on Accepted
    TAGLINE:Hair care with Flair
  • Posted on Accepted
    I love her name, Olivera. Why not use her name? Is this just a hair salon, or will their be more to offer such as nails, tanning, facials, waxing, aromatherapy, or massage?
    Olivera Salon Studio
    Olivera Salon and Spa
    Olivera Hair Studio
    The Little Hair Boutique
    Olivera's Little Hair Boutique
    The Hair Company
    The Town and Country Salon

    You could use just about any tag line with the names.

    A Cut Above the Rest
    Creative Hair Design
    Feel Beautiful
    The Feel Beautiful Salon
    The Feel Beautiful Boutique
    Beautiful Hair
    Feel Gorgeous
    For the Latest Style

    Good Luck,
    Promo Chic

  • Posted on Accepted
  • Posted on Accepted

    use her name, is a great sounding name that is memorable and sounds great

    for a tagline i would use

    for a great style and cut

  • Posted on Accepted
    I love hair
  • Posted by Phoenix ONE on Accepted
    I agree with my colleagues, unless there is an underlying reason I would use is lovely, sophisticated and unique----just get a nice tag

    Olivera Salon, Shear Pleasure

    Olivera's Salon and Day Spa, Treat Yourself to Luxury

    Olivera's Salon, The Art of Beauty Awaits You

    Olivera's, A Gourmet Salon Specializing in Fashion and Style

    Hope these help

    Good Luck & Happy Marketing ~ Bill
  • Posted by Lejla on Author
    Thank you all for such a great proposals.

    Before I got your answers I was thinking about the name Oolaalaa, because Olivera's nickname is Ola, and it could be connected with style and salon (this is just my opinion, and may be I am wrong).

    What do you think?
  • Posted on Accepted
    I'd go with the name as well, and use Ooh La La as a tagline...

    - Ooh La La!
  • Posted by blossomingideas on Accepted
    What about?



    "House of Tresses" with flair


    "Coiffeur" with charm


    "Olivera Salon de beaute"

    ....the mane stylists



    ...breathtaking hair

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