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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Need A Cosmetics Store Name

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
I bought a cosmetics store a couple of years ago and it still has the previous owner's name. (XXX's Cosmetics) I'd like to change it to something simple, probably one word or two. It needs to be easy to pronounce and remember. I like the "natural beauty" concept although we don't necessarily sell "natural" cosmetics. Any ideas? Thank you in advance!

  • Posted on Accepted
    Keep in mind that using the word "natural" in your name would imply to at least some customers that you sell only natural or organic products. ; )

    You might go with words that are associated with beauty:

    Allure or Allure Cosmetics
    Venus or Venus Cosmetics
    Bella Grace (Cosmetics)
    Enchanted (Cosmetics)
    Mona Lisa (Cosmetics)
    Aphrodite (Cosmetics) (greek goddess of love & beauty)

    Consider your clientele, also...if you have an upscale store, as opposed to a discount store, you might want to consider leaving the word "cosmetics" off and have the more "chic" version of your name, whatever you choose...

    Good Luck!!

  • Posted on Accepted

  • Posted on Accepted
  • Posted by jpoyer on Accepted
    An idea for you -
    Epitome -- I know it's not totally easy to pronounce -- but it does seem to have a classy flair to it, and even if it you don't pronounce it /eh-pit-oh-me/, it still looks classy and -- it means soul or essence (can't get more natural than that, ay?). Paired with your city / state name, I wager it will be a solid name with an open URL. For instance, if you were in New York, it would be Epitome NY. or Epitome New York, and Possibilities are endless in that regard. With a solid tagline, this could totally work for you.

    Hope this helps,

    XPRT Creative
  • Posted on Member

    I'm starting a new business and I need your help to name it. The business is to sell bath, body and beauty products via an on-line store to be delivered/shipped.

    How could I name it? Do you like "Beauty Express"? I would like it to be a chic name.

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