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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Globe Is Warming - Tagline

Posted by Anonymous on 500 Points
We all know it and also feel the sudden rise in the tempreture. Please join me to further create awareness on this big issue.

I think T-shirt is cool idea, best media and very noticeable too. We will create taglines or any thoughts
for the cause. Please avoid being over descriptive. As it will nice to have more and more people to come with extra oridinary opinions and taglines.

People can use there choice of taglines on their tee.
What say people?

Is brain ready to rockNroll?

  • Posted by MonMark Group on Accepted
    My taglines for The Globe is Warming

    "Because, like everything else, it goes in cycles?"

    "...and, Nobody "really" knows why?"

    "So, let's sell carbon credits to idiots"

    "STOP Bovine flatulance"
  • Posted by BARQ on Accepted
    Spoken like a true Oil & Gas marketer, Randall!

    How about:

    "Smog Reduces Harmful UVs"

    "Global Warming Recycles Icebergs."

    "Invest in Inland Real Estate"

    "Nuclear Waste Trumps Hydrocarbons"


  • Posted by MonMark Group on Member
    Wanted: Snappy, catchy slogan for husband and wife RE team.

    Beachfront Real Estate Brokers
    Billings, Montana

    "Look, you can see the coast from here"

    "Tree hugging gives me splinters"

    Thanks, BARQ...I just bought stock in an aloe-vera manufacturing firm.
  • Posted by telemoxie on Accepted
    hmmm... I'm all for saving spotted owls and snail darters and icebergs and the planet and stuff... but I'm wondering how I can help with the core issue here. Raising awareness is great - but help me understand - are you trying to sell t-shirts, or cool the planet, or fight technology, or do you just want to feel that you are contributing in a positive way?

    Since this is primarily a marketing forum, I'll assume that your post has something to do with making money.

    If I were to launch some sort of marketing venture related to "global warming" - I probably wouldn't sell creative t-shirts. I'd probably research the expected changes in global spending habits as a result of what other folks are doing to raise awareness, as well as projected changes in government regulations, and I'd develop and market a methodology to help companies understand these "environmental" changes (I mean business environment, not sea level or temperature).

    I'd create a whiz-bang power point presentation, and use the current emphasis on "global warming" as a way to get my foot in the door with folks who spend lots of money on marketing. Then, I'd sell them brochure development and web site development and e-marketing and stuff...

    ... but that's just me...
  • Posted by BARQ on Member
    And Randall and I were just thinking of backing up from the current coast and buying future beach front property... guess we would need to research just where the "peak" of the tides would be and invest from there.

    Sounds risky. I like your idea of capitalizing on the inevitable global warming economy, Dave. Let's put together a plan and exploit this latest "hot" trend!


    PS: Do I sense a dearth of GW believers on this forum?
  • Posted on Member
    Hailing from Florida, how about these....

    Avoid Hurricane Landfall

    Is it hot here or just me?

    Summer Year 'Round
  • Posted by BARQ on Member
    New Jersey, the New Florida! Thanks, GW!

  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Member
    The Globe is Warming
    And it's Alarmin
    Just How Harming
    The Warming Will Be
  • Posted by mlittle on Member
    How about simple like...
    Is it hot in here?
    website address


    I'm hot (and getting hotter every second!)
    website address

  • Posted by mlittle on Member
    Who turned the heat up?


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