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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Slogan For A Company Event

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
hi! I'm with the planning committee for a event in our company. I hope you could help me think of a slogan~something catchy. The theme is being proud to be a filipino... being proud to work in our company. The focus of the program is to showcase the community services we have conducted. Its like, your proud to be working in a company who loves/cares for your country.
Hope I have stated this right. Any ideas would be very much appreciated. thanks!

  • Posted on Accepted
  • Posted by rob on Accepted
    We are the community we serve.

    Strong communities making strong companies

    Together we are one

    United in spirit and desire

    Working and voluteering to make a stronger community

    Proudly building the bonds of community

    Since I'm not sure exactly who the audience is, my responses are somewhat generic. If you have more info to share (audience, etc...) that would be helpful.

  • Posted on Author
    hi! thanks for your replies! thanks a lot!
  • Posted on Author
    hi there! thanks again!

    By the way rob, the audience are the company members(about a thousand!). The guest is our CEO. He is from the companyís home office; & itís only his 2nd time to visit here (1st one was years ago).
    We want to show him that we are proud to be working in this company because we know it cares for our community.
    Slogan is preferably 2-4 words.. something precise but catchy.

    janete, what other info do you need?

    vic, philip, rob, janete thanks again!
  • Posted on Member
    Filipinos..flip em all!

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