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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Name For A Sewing/quilting Consulting Business

Posted by Anonymous on 200 Points
I am in the process of developing a consulting business that will develop education programs for small to medium sized sewing machine dealers, fabric stores and quilt shops. These programs are designed to soft-sell product through classes and consumer education. Also part of this business will be the development of educational programs for independent quilting pattern companies to make their products more saleable to shops.

I have been trying to come up with a name that sounds professional, not cutesy, but also lets a potential client know what the business is. Please help!

Thanks you!

  • Posted by Steve Hoffacker on Member
    This is a little cutesy: "Keeping You in Stitches."

    If you need a newsletter or blog, "The Thread" or just "Thread".

  • Posted on Author
    Thank you, Steve. I have seen "Keeping You in Stitches" and similar names used as the names of the type of shops I would be serving, so I want to be sure the name differenciates my business and doesn't sound like another shop.

    I love the newsletter/blog suggestion!

    Thanks again for your help. I appreciate any other suggestions and input that anyone can offer.

  • Posted by Steve Hoffacker on Member

    There are so (sew) many words and phrases that you can use in your industry (needles, pins, stitching, cushion, fabric, notions, textile, bobbin, thimble, pattern, etc.) but you may want to keep it very simple to allay your concerns about being confused for one of the shops that you service. Just think of JoAnn Fabrics - nothing fancy but a nationwide brand.

  • Posted by Steve Hoffacker on Member

    "Sew in the Know."

  • Posted on Author
    What do you think about names such as

    Sewing Education Solutions
    Sewing Education Consultants

    I would like to include the word 'quilting' in the title as well, but I haven't been able to create a name that includes both sew and quilt that flows. People are funny....especially in this business....they think that if their segment of the market is included in the business name that you don't serve that segment (though quilting is a form of sewing).

    The drawback to the 'education consultants" is that it is a job title for those people who work for sewing-related companies (especially sewing machine companies). I used to work in that field and part of the job description is educate to sell product. Teaching the client to educate through selling is my business objective.

    Thank you!!!
  • Posted by Steve Hoffacker on Accepted

    I like using the word "services" somewhere in your name, such as Sewing Services Solutions (SSS, Tri-S) or Sewing Consulting Services (SCS) or even Susan's Sewing Services. Services is an encompassing term. I'd forget about trying to put the quilting word in your name.

  • Posted on Member
    Quilt and Sewing Services
    consultants to the industry

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