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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Photography Studio Name - Time Crunch! :)

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I need some suggestions as soon as possible. I am having a hard time coming up with something I'm satisfied with.

I am opening on all natural light garden-style studio. Portraits will be taken outside in the gardens and inside in specially designed commercial-style rooms. The focus is on natural light, no flash or umbrella lights, and our subjects are focused on family and children.

The clincher here is that there will be a group of photographers working here so I want to use the word "Studios" somewhere in the name. I would prefer something like Natural Light Studios, but it is too plain and doesn't appeal to the target market (upper middle class) that I am going for. I would also prefer a unique name that hasn't been taken in .com

I'd like an interesting made-up word with maybe some literary roots... that has something to do with gardens/flowers, light, or natural/organic.

I'd love some help here! I am hoping for Natural _____ Studios or something similar... but would love a unique, elegant sounding floral name that isn't hard to pronounce or sounds weird.


  • Posted by MonMark Group on Member
    There is nothing wrong with Natural Light Studios, that's very good.
    It is not too is very powerful.
    Everyone wants to see themselves in a photograph that looks natural. My professional advice...Natural Light Studios.

    Your advertising:
    "See Yourself in Natural Light"
    See your family in NLS
    You stand out in Natural Light

    There are so many advertising opportunities with that name. I'd love to have your account.

    Stick with that.

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    Here are some naming ideas (that are all available).
  • Posted on Member
    Ambiance Studios came into my head. Here are some other words to put with Studios.

    Au Naturel Studios
    Luminescent Studios
    First Light Studios
    Sun Aire Studios
    Skylight Studios

    Good luck w/your new business.
  • Posted by k.pohlman on Accepted
    How about these?:

    Natural Elements Studios or
    Ambient Elements Studios (plus "A" shows up at the top of most listings)

    Or better yet, pick some of the words you are set on and go to "" to kind of mix and match what you are looking for. That's what I usually do.

    Good Luck!!!
  • Posted on Member
    I'm personally scared of the word "natural" in lighting because usually (unless it's the warm glow of the sunset lighting) natural lighting deals harshly with me.

    I would suggest using "Warm" or "Fresh" in the studio name:

    Warm Glow Studios
    Fresh View Studios
    Fresh Portrait Studios
    Sun Warm Studios

  • Posted on Member
    Efflorescent Photography Studios

    Efflorescent is another name for bloom, also meaning the highest point or culmunation.

    It is original and it's initials are EPS which in Photoshop terms mean encapsulated Post Script.

    EPS I believe is also a feature in which you can preview pictures on photo programs.

    It could be used as a double meaning.

  • Posted on Member
    Sunflower Studios

    Natures Light Studios

    Garden Of Eden Studios


    Earth Light Studios

    Natures Background Studios

    Natures Photography Studios

    Natural Creations

    Sun Studios

    Natural Photography Studio

    Natural Garden Studios

    Natures Botanical Studios

    Natural Sun Studios

    Garden Light Studios

    Outdoor Light Studios

    Natures Light Studios

    Tropical Light

  • Posted by Corpcommer on Member
    Hi, andreahalsey!

    Name suggestions as asked:

    Studios Naturally Lit

    Organica Oasis Studios

    Studios Lit Naturale

    Studios Kissed by the Sun

    Flora Studios Suprema

    Hope these help you. Contact me off-forum if you need more assistance. Good luck.


  • Posted by jpoyer on Member
    Natural Essence Studios. Also, .com appears to be available as of 9-27-07

    Too bad you couldn't use the Natural Light Studios (it's strong), but those keywords appear to be saturated, so maybe it works out well for you.

    Best of Luck,

    XPRT Creative

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