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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Naming A Construction Newsletter

Posted by mjordan on 275 Points
I need help coming up with a clever name for my employee newsletter. It is for a small construction company. The type of work we perform is interior fit-outs of restaurants, retail stores and corporate office space. I suggested "Building Bytes" but it was shot down immediately.

Any creative names that have to do with building/construction?

  • Posted by mjordan on Author
    Sorry, I think my desciption above may have been a bit too narrow. We don't just do interiors, that's just what the bulk of our work has been so far. I'm thinking a name that isn't quite so specific to interiors would work better, but thanks for your suggestion.
  • Posted on Member
    Building Together
    Construction Village
    Contractors In Motion

    Not sure what the planned impact of your employee newsletter is...I am imagining building teamwork, sharing codes/specs, ideas, etc.

  • Posted by mjordan on Author
    The purpose of the newsletter is to keep everyone connected and aware of where we are and where we're going; to inform employees about current and upcoming projects, potential clients, our financial performance, introducing new hires, etc.

    It's expecially important because almost half of our employees are out in the field, and it's hard for them to know what's going with the company since they're never here in the office.
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    Building Our Future
    Constructing Conversations
    's Blueprints
    Nuts & Bolts
    Shoring Up Our Foundation
    Strong Foundation, Strong Building
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    's Blueprints should have been:
    YOUR COMPANY NAME's Blueprints
  • Posted on Member
    Building Express OR
    construction tycoon
  • Posted by lloydmerriam on Member

    If you can share the NAME of your company we might come up with something better. Especially if the name lends itself to something clever and/or catchy.

  • Posted by mjordan on Author
    The company name is Trinity Building.
  • Posted by mjordan on Author

    The company name is Trinity Building.


  • Posted by Corpcommer on Member
    Building Blocks

    Solid Foundation

    The Fine Line

    Etched in Stone

    Plaster & Pen

    Mjordan, hope these are helpful. Good luck.

  • Posted by jpoyer on Member

    How about, Inside Trinity -- which is sort of a play on your interior work, but also, and more importantly as interior work is not your only work, sort of a play on what the newsletter is for.

    It's also catchy I think, though I'm not totally sure why. (I'm sure my junior English teacher from high school could find all kinds of hidden meaning there.)

    At any rate, I dig it; maybe it will help.

    Best Wishes,

    XPRT Creative
  • Posted by pcc on Member
    What about:

    The Punch List(s)

    Anyone in the building sector should recognise the term and given that it is an internally targeted newsletter / bulletin it has a relevancy to it as well.

    Hope this helps

    Good luck
  • Posted on Accepted
    News From The Inside

    Insider News

    Trinity Times

    Works From Trinity

    Trinity Works

    The Word

    HR Squared

    On The Level

  • Posted by chough on Member
    I like "on the levelů "

    Brick by Brick

    The Trinity Tribune

    Outside In

    The Skinny...

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