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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Choosing A Name For Wellness Coaching Business

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
We are trying to come up with some names for a health and wellness coaching business.
We have researched a few names in other languages which mean wellness.
The one we like the best is
Osana Wellness Coaching Osana is African for wellness

What do people think of this name and does anyone have some more suggestions for a name?

Thank you very much!!

  • Posted by Steve Hoffacker on Accepted
    Using the word wellness twice - just in different languages - is like saying "PIN number" or "SSN number." You've already said it or accounted for it. I like just the simple "Osana" if that's a significant name for you. Then as a tagline you could add "wellness, fitness, etc." to explain more about what your business is. As a name it's easy to pronounce and memorable.

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    I'd be more concerned with the word "coaching". I can guess what you do. People don't want coaches - they want to feel/do/be better. Focus on the end result (in your case, health). For example, Osana Health Clinic.
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    I don't think "Osana Wellness Coaching" is a particularly good name. Three problems:

    99% of people won't have a clue what "Osana" means. They'll think it's your name, and they'll think it's a very unusual name. ("Did they mean Rosana?")

    Wellness is something that's very elusive/ephemeral. How well? Well physically, like a chiropractor provides? Well, mentally balanced, grounded, centered? Well medically, free from disease? It's not clear what kind of "wellness" you're providing.

    Coaching, as Jay so aptly says, is not a benefit. It's how you deliver the benefit. Your communication goal should be focused on the benefit.

    I'd recommend that you get the positioning nailed down before you get into naming. Who is your target audience? What do they need that you can provide? Do they place high value on it? Why should they come to you instead of someone else who promises to address their needs?
  • Posted on Accepted
    Osana is a little bit too close to Osama, and that means anything but wellness to most people. Just an observation!
  • Posted by ilan on Accepted
    Why do you have to go to other languages?
    Is your audience speaking other languages than English? if so, which languages?
    I'll bet you non of them are African languages...
    English is an extremely rich language, there is no need to go and look for other inspiration, unless that lead to a clear relevant connection to the other language.
    I think you are making a mistake.
    You simply need to think more, and not give up by going to an easy solution.
  • Posted on Author
    I posted a question yesterday but wanted to elaborate on what we are doing. We are starting a business that does health and wellness coaching using a national process call The Circle of Life. We'll be offering groups for people to attend and also do individual coaching if necessary. The process involves people choosing a specific area of their life (work, relationships, play, finances, etc.), decide what they want to change in that area, and take small incremental steps towards that larger goal. The rationale is that people will be more motivated to work towards change if they see themselves succeed with each small step. This process is currently used in businesses, the military, hospitals, senior centers, and alternative health clinics. It incorporates coaching with mind/body techniques which help people focus and relieve stress.

    We are searching for a name for this coaching business and here are some ideas but we welcome ANY suggestions and input. Many thanks in advance!!

    Osana Wellness Coaching (Osana is African name which means wellness)
    The Wellness Source/Spring/Sanctuary
    Discover Yourself
    The Wishing Well/Well Wishes/Wishing for Wellness
    The Wellness Wheel
    Map to Wellness
    Path/Journey to wellness

    Some key words for what we do are: wellness (obviously!!), holistic, mind/body, health, stress reduction, feel better, energy, etc.

  • Posted by mgoodman on Member
    You need a better definition of the target audience. "People" is a little broad, don't you think? Are you focusing on adults? Do they live in North America, Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa, other? Etc.

    Starting with the name is like creating a car by starting with the hood ornament. And it doesn't matter HOW you're going to deliver whatever you deliver. It's about the target audience and it's unmet needs, not about what you do.
  • Posted by Chris Blackman on Accepted

    When you say this "Circle of Life" is a national process, which "national" are you talking about - Africa? Or are you targeting African-Americans in America?

    This is a global forum so it helps to provide details.

    If you would complete your profile details then respondents might be able to find out a bit more about where you are based, your website, etc.

    Perhaps you could describe this wellness process so we can understand it - who is it helping?

    Why do you call it coaching, rather than, say, treatment or therapy?

    Is this some new-age thing where people have to go to classes to learn how to live with their disease/condition, rather than actually getting a proper course of medical treatment for it?

    Marketing is probably a lot like wellness. If you understand something really well, it's much easier to know how to communicate it to your target market.

    So to be able to help you, we have to force you to think a lot of these things through in your own mind, very thoroughly.

    Enjoy this process - if you were paying at the professional rates a lot of us here charge, this would be costing you a fortune!

    Hope that helps

  • Posted on Author
    Thank you all for your responses. To answer some of the questions here is more description of The Circle of Life.
    Our business is based in the US and The Circle of Life was developed in the US in the west coast. Services can be provided over the telephone, through online teleconferencing, or in person so it can be used worldwide. We only speak English though so clients would need to speak English at this point. The program comes with a guide book that participants keep. THe guide book has all the worksheets used in the process as well as mind/body practices detailed that they can refer back to.
    It is a life coaching model that focuses on health and wellness. It is not a treatment, therapy, cure, or diagnosis. It is a process that is mostly used with adults but has been also used in schools with adolescents and younger children 8-12. It has 6 phases involving assessment, developing change, taking action, and being accountable and sustaining changes. The coach acts to help clients make specific plans for action and to hold clients accountable for this. The coach also acts to help clients figure out for themselves any barriers or reasons for their inaction. Coaching focuses not on the past but on the present and future action steps. The coach helps clients identify why they want to make certain changes and how they will look/feel/act once these changes have taken place. This is to help with motivation. It is a process based on clients identifying their own strengths and using these strengths to bring about change.
    The process has been used in corporations, the military, hospitals, with specific groups of adults with chronic diseases, schools, alternative health clinics, to name a few.
    Hope this helps give you all an idea of the service we will be providing in our business!

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