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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Need Chic & Catchy Name For My Fashion Line

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
Hi All,

Iím planning to launch my own fashion line next year which going to be designed by myself. The line will be targeted for young working ladies in early 20ís to late 30ís whoís looking for fashionable clothes suitable for work that doesnít look like typical corporate uniform. The look can be describes as chic and feminine, more casual yet appropriate. I draw my inspirations mainly from Paris, London, and Tokyo.

Primary products will be dresses and separates. Secondary products will be handmade accessories and other bits and pieces such as frilly umbrella, handmade bags, etc. Expect personal accents, handmade details, and limited run.

Currently based in Singapore, Iím going to start as online shop and promote the line through various local designer flea markets. After a year, I hope to be able to secure a deal with some shops to carry my line and even better if I can have my own physical shop.

I need suggestion for name that reflects my brand as well as suitable tagline. I donít want any names that reflect any location as Iím hoping to be able to go global one day. Nothing too cute or too hard to remember. Language wise, I prefer to stick on English.

My current brainstorming ideas for name : Chic, Autumn Lily, Rain&Stone, Minuet Kitten, Rashou, Ra Enju, Avenue Five, Summer Story, FIGS, Serendipity, Tavern Hill, Bliss, By The Birch, Willow Accent, Little Black Book. But none of it really grabs me.

I havenít really think of the tagline since I want it to match the shop name ( which I couldnít think of ) however I sorta like the idea of ďFashion in BloomsĒ though again I have second doubt if itís really tell about the products.

Hope to see your suggestions and thanks in advance for your time.


  • Posted by MonMark Group on Accepted
    Let me be as serious with you as I can. One of my clients is an international designer. Many stores all over the world. If you are just now drawing and designing, you are not even close to being ready to step out with a name.

    And, when you are prepared to compete w/ DK come on out swinging. Come call upon me. You must first have your designs on people, lots of designs on lots of people.

    When you see your designs, name the line after yourself.

    Fashions from Angels
    Sheer, beautiful, you will float on a cloud, all evening.

  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Accepted
    I don't know, you could be overly critical of your names. Minuet or Rashou seem to have some potential. I would be talking with your prospective customers to get a sense of how they view names for fashion companies. I do think naming your company will play a huge role in your success. Try looking at a world map. There are a lot of places with interesting names.

    hope this helps,

  • Posted on Author
    Thanks for the comments. I really appreciate all your help.

    WMMA > I was hoping not to include my name as I'm going to set up the shop with the helps of some close friends whom going to take care of the non-design aspects I'm lack of. I prefer to have something general so everyone can have the same credit as the founders. But nice name you suggested! My mistake not to state this earlier.

    Steve > I guess I am! I want to ensure everything went smoothly. At first I kinda settled with "Minuet Kitten" but some friends suggested it sounds childish. The feedbacks for Rashou is it might not exactly describe the line.
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Hip Chick
    Chic Chick
    Work It!
    Style In Motion
  • Posted on Author
    Jay > Kinda like "Style in Motion", sounds happening!

    dbokatzian > Actually mod itself is a fashion culture so that might not be a good idea. Nice piece on LV though!

    casey > thanks for the names. Most of them are very lovely and inspiring! Thanks a lot!
  • Posted on Author
    jean > quite interesting. I like the 'celestial' suggestion =)
  • Posted on Member
    I think Little Black Book suits the clothes, and for the tag line something like "For workday fashion, go by the little black book."

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