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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Looking For Catchy Name For Day Care Nurseries ?

Posted by Anonymous on 500 Points
Hi all…

I am looking at setting up a child’s day care nursery and am looking for a catchy name that I can build a group under…

Most nurseries area called things like…

Buffer Bear Nurseries
Leapfrog Nurseries
1st Step Nurseries

etc..….looking for something a bit different and modern – any ideas welcome ?



  • Posted by kpalmer on Member

    I would focus in your market on the competition - what are they not offering? Are they catering to some of the great things that daycare can offer to children: a list including but not limited to:

    a) getting along better with others
    b) sharing and learning to share stuff
    c) learning new positive things
    d) exposure to different environments
    e) increased rate of learning by following others' who are at higher levels of skill
    f) safety and security in a loving environment
    g) a really clean and sanitized, professionally operated facility
    h) arts and crafts and the development of hand-eye coordination as a precursor to school
    i) the healthy mind developed through interaction

    Having a quick look around at the other daycare facilities in the area you work in will show you where they fall down or fail to show benefits/features to the client...

    You may find that a nursery combined with one of the above benefits along with an appropriate tag name may capture the imagination of potential clients on it's own - but will surely be more effective after you've set strategy and written it down - things like: Vision Statement, Mission, Values and Beliefs and then a clear set of operating rules and objectives for your new daycare centre.

    Once you've done all that, then you may wish to start seeking a strategy which augments the work you've already done, with an appropriate advertising budget and forcasted sales budget.

    That said, all you really asked for was a catchy name and I apologize for all the rambling:

    The (City) Daycare and Advanced Learning Centre

    Grandma's Daycare

    My Big Sister Goes Here

    Grandma's Little Angels

    The (City) Activity Centre

    Kevin Palmer, RMP, CMInst.M, CTB (hons)
    [Phone number deleted by staff]
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    Cute Brains
    Leg Up Nurseries
    Precious Care
    Child's Delight Care
    Plays Well With Others
  • Posted on Member
    The Playground
    Tiny Steps
    Strawberry House
    My Little House
    Little Playground
    My Little Sunshine
  • Posted by NovaHammer on Member

    Grade 'A' Kids

    SWAK (Sealed with A Kiss)


    CPR (Child Parent Resource)


    Good Luck!

  • Posted by jarcher on Member
    Love, Care & Lullabies

    Busy Bees

    Mudpies & Make believe (Only thing is I think I've heard of a place called this already)

    The Counting Castle

    Diaper Daze or Diaper daycare

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