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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Need Creative Name For A Handmade Jewelry Business

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
Hello! I am starting a home based, handmade fashion jewelry party business. It will be for women in the LA area who are between 21-39 to get together, sell jewelry, make jewelry, drink wine and socialize.

I will be creating a website to sell 1 of a kind designs as well as allow ladies to book parties.

I am looking for a creative name that ties together jewelry and wine but still allows limitless opportunity down the road for me to open a trendy boutique with personal shoppers and a wine bar.

I'm hoping the name will catchy and brandable but still accentuate fashion and style through jewelry.

Please Help!! Thank you. Neka

  • Posted on Accepted
    A Sip of Fashion
    Drink & Dazzle
    A Shot of Glam
    Thirst Quenching Fashion

    Amber Adams
    Brand Identity
    [URL deleted by staff]
  • Posted by Tracey on Accepted
    Hi Neka,

    I want to make sure you're not limiting yourself too much to a given demographic; that can limit your branding perspective as well as sales.

    First, I'd argue for thinking about activity or preference-based demographics rather than age-based demographics. What does that age group have to do with jewelry? I know plenty of 45-year old women who love jewelry and wine, for example. Or even beer and jewelry, for that matter -- even the wine thing may be a bit narrow.

    It might make more sense to think of your target audience in terms of their preferences. For example, are you targeting the "DIY" crafters? The sophisticated Nordstrom shoppers with an eye for detail? Women who are bad at crafts but would love to make a simple project for themselves or as a gift? People who want one-of-a-kind jewelry? These categories might help you create a more defined brand. With the Internet and blogs and hobby groups, age is becoming less important as a demographic, because people with shared interests are connecting and communicating across traditional demographic borders.
  • Posted on Accepted
    Sparkling Glass
  • Posted on Accepted
    I agree on the age demographics. I think you are cutting yourself short by trying to limit the ages. I have a boutique that specializes in women, hard to describe, but we sell a lot of jewelry, and more women over 40 are interested than under 40. Women over 40 are done with childrearing(many women quite wearing jewelry when kids are little) so they have more time, money and an interest in doing things for themselves. They are always interested in doing things with their adult daughters too, so you may find they are your best customers.
    As for a tag line, I don't think I could beat the ones out there, especially since I'm unclear as to what type of jewelry you are doing, is this just basic beading, but in a party format? It's a pretty good idea if that is what you are doing, even though it isn't exceptionally high-end it can be very pretty and fun. You might just try your business name on the card and then have some small flyers printed to explain your concept. I think that a tagline might not encompass the idea & I've been to a few home parties for various things, I don't remember a tagline as much as the person explaining the great product and how it works. If you wait until you do a few parties you might has some wine drinking talker inadvertently come up with the perfect tag line.
  • Posted by BARQ on Accepted
    Ice and Wine

    Crystal Ice

    Stems and Gems

    Bobbles and Goblets


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