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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Dog Day Care Business Name

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
Can you guys help me make up a good name for the business I am planning to open, It will be a Dog Day Care, I want something funny and that will show that dogs can have fun while their owners are away.

  • Posted by wnelson on Accepted
    Is that what people care about with a dog day care? That their dogs can have fun while they are away? Do your customer surveys support this? Do your customer surveys support that dog owners look for a funny name which translates to their dogs have fun at day care - which is their #1 concern?

    A company needs to establish a position statement based on meeting the needs of its customers. The brand should be established based on the position statement, including name, tag line, logo, colors, business processes, rules on customer contact, answering the phone, ads, and everything else concerning brand image. The name should comply with the brand rules and be memorable.

    That being said, I haven't completed a formal customer survey, but I would bet a month's pay check that "dogs having fun" would not be #1, #2, or #3 in concerns for people when they pick a doggy day care center. I would think that higher on the list is the care the pet gets, the safety they get, and the comfort that they are given. Care would involve frequent walks, good food, plenty of water. safety would involve protection from other aggressive dogs and screening for diseases. Comfort would involve pens with plenty of room, a comfortable place to lie down, and socialization with other dogs in a manner consistent with what they can take (some dogs are very nervous around other dogs). In short, I believe people would want care for their dog at doggy day care to be the same as they would give their pet. But, hey, as I said, I haven't done a customer survey. Prove me wrong. Provide the results of your survey.

    Take a lesson from PetSmart. They have established themselves as the store that will help you understand how to care for your pet. Great name to reflect that, huh? Little double meaning going on there - Pets Mart and Pet Smart. That's a great name.

    Well, back to you. If people want the doggy day care to be just like they give, some names might be:

    1. Home Away From Home Dog Day Care

    2. Love Your Dog Day Care (Tag line: We love your dog almost as much as you)

    3. We {heart} Dogs Day Care Center (put a heart in place of the word)

    4. Care for your god (for dyslexic dog owners - just kidding)

    5. Just Like Home Dog Day Care Center

    These are just a few ideas that might stimulate some discussion and brain storming for something much better.

    I hope this helps.

  • Posted on Accepted
    A take off on the usual children's day care names might make it memorable.
    How about "Play Care for Your Dog"?
  • Posted on Accepted
    Doggie Daytimers
    Paws for a Break
    Canine Cares
    Sit and Stay
    Carefree Canines

    BTW - I'm a dog lover and my concerns would be kindness of workers, safety, location, cost. In that order. We went to see a "new" place where all the dogs are left to roam in a large room together all day - sounded fun but my dog was terrified. So that was definitely out!
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    When The Owner's Away, The Dogs Will Play
    The Dogs Will Play
    The Barking Lot
    Every Dog Has Its Day Care
  • Posted on Accepted
    Ruffin' It (??)
    Paws at Play
    Pause for Paws
    Paws Pause
    Pant n' Play
  • Posted on Accepted
    Wayde made excellent points - made me think about what would make me comfortable if I were to leave my three dogs. I think the personal attention, safety issues are the most significant, followed by cleanliness of the facility. Don't think I want my dogs just running amok. Is "fun" the right concept? You want the dogs engaged, exercised, watched closely, etc. I note this is not boarding - just day care

    Staying away from "fun," you could go with names like:
    A 1 Doggy Day Care
    Premier Doggy Day Care
    Exceptional Canine Day Care

    If you're still out for "fun," How about,

    "Can Rover Come Over"
    "Good doggy"

    Good luck!
  • Posted on Accepted
    Pooches Playhouse
    Tail Wagging
    Jolly Tails
    Passionate about Pooches
    Fido's Friends
  • Posted by DougM on Accepted
    Dog Day (Before &) Afternoon
    Doggie Day Stay
    Doggie Day Stay N' Play
  • Posted by LsuTigers on Accepted
    Prior to choosing name, strongly consider the overall branding of your new company. This includes having an available web domain that hopefully can match name of your new business. What other services do/can you offer to give your customers additional solutions. This includes pet training, bathing/grooming or boarding.

    This is a growing business, I have a couple clients that have dog day cares and they love it. If there is nearby competition in your area how are you going to differentiate yourself from others? Customers will pay a fair price so I do not think you have to undercut pricing but having employees that have a passion with dogs and pets and love what they are doing will lead to success.

    Sorry about the unsolicited advice.

  • Posted by BlueSage on Accepted
    Bow WOW! Day Care.

    emphasis on the WOW
  • Posted by Nan on Accepted
    I agree that it's important to clarify how you want to position your day care and the recommendations above are closer to what dog owners want. While some of the names below with "camp" in it can suggest playing, it also elicits structured activities.

    Doggie Camp

    Doggie Care Camp

    Doggie Care

    Doggie Care Center

    Doggie TLC Care

    TLC Doggie Center

    TLC Doggie Camp

    (Instead of Paws for a Break (previously mentioned), it could be A Break for Paws)

    Good luck.

  • Posted on Accepted
    LsuTigers is correct, consider the overall branding. I would sit and make a list of all the things that you think would be important in picking a doggie day care & what you want to communicate to customers when trying to get them to use your service. Then make a list of how you will market your service & if you have vision of any art work include that too. From experience I can tell you that if you pick a name, but then have no idea how to pull it together with your marketing materials the name will always be a challenge. It is important that your name doesn't drive you into a corner that defines you in a way you may not want. If you eventually plan on expanding to a pet store or grooming, you may just want a name that expresses your love of pets.
    I'm not big on formal surveys because I think the public in general feels they are over-surveyed. You could talk to your pets vet to get some advice. I know my dogs vet would have a lot to say, he would really want to make sure it was done right. You could also spend some time at your local dog park & pet shop just casually talking to some pet owners. When people meet someone personally they usually want to help.
    It is important that you can clearly state what you do, not just with your name, but supporting marketing materials. People are really more interested in what you can do for them than they are in your name. McDonalds does hamburgers, but that is not in their name, so really consider the whole branding and then go with a name that you can work with.
    I think a cute/fun name could make for some good branding if done well, but I agree with the others, its more important that my dog is safe and comfortable.
    Some ideas:
    Doggie Depot
    The Dog Spot
    Fido's Home
    "your name" Dog Care
    (Doggles could be a cute doggie spokesperson/dog or a doggie butler)
    Auntie Janes (substitute your name for Janes)

  • Posted on Accepted
    As a dog owner, I gravitate toward places with a cute, catchy name. However, I'd never leave my dog there based on the name alone. Of course, I'd make sure the dogs in their care were well taken care of & happy. I'd ask lots of questions & maybe ask for references.
    However, the name of the business would be the first thing that catches my attention & entices me to pick up the phone.

    I've listed a bunch of possible names. You could add a descriptive tag line to any of these.

    Happy Little Tails
    Happy Tails
    Happy Hounds
    Fido's Fun House
    Fido's Fun Time
    It's A Dog's World
    Doggie Dude Ranch
    The Dog House
    Ruff House
    Rover's Ruff House
    Rover's Recess
    House of Hounds
    Doggie Day Camp
    Daytime Doggie Play Time
    Pooch Play Time -or-Poochie Play Time
    Dog's Play Date -or- Doggie Pay Date
    Pooch Play Date -or- Poochie Play Date
    Canine Corral -or- K-9 Corral
    Canine Camp -or- Canine Day Camp

    Hope that helps!

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