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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Tagline For B2b It Firm

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
My firm--Optiva Systems--is 4 years old and in desperate need of an image. We are designing a new web site and are having trouble coming up with a tagline.

Our history is in the CAD visualization software industry, but we are now expanding into IT products/services. Our target market is mainly engineers or quoting/estimating workers in the manufacturing industry. However, the owner also wants us to expand into other markets (healthcare, banks, etc.) to provide IT products and services.

As you can see, I have my work cut out for me! We want the tagline to convey an image of speed and efficiency in a warm and friendly manner. Our old tagline was "Leaders in Collaborative Solutions," which is too vague and cold.

Thank you!

  • Posted on Accepted
    I took a quick peek at your site to supplement what you posted. An interesting portfolio of products and services.
    Can't tell if they are all home-grown or you are reselling some of them but anyway,,,

    I agree you should dump "collaborative" - one of the all-time worst buzz words that just won't die. "Leaders" is also a word I don't favor - who says you are the leader (other than you)? On the other hand I shall be guilty as charged when you see me recommend you use the word "innovation" below.

    I see a couple of options. One is the old three-word monte. I'm going to give you just a couple ideas to get you started. You and two smart colleagues should go off and brainstorm some more based on your expert insight as to what your products and services deliver.

    "Innovate. Communicate. Protect."

    "Innovation. Collaboration. Security."

    The second option is akin to your existing style of tag line. Again, a couple ideas to get you started. This kind of work takes some pretty in-depth understanding of what your customer values and needs to succeed. Many times I start clients out with full value proposition statements that can then be pared back to a tag line.

    "Complete Solutions for Expert Innovation."

    "Innovation in Real Time."

    "Custom Technologies & Services for (Successful) Innovation."

    PS You should tell your web master to work on the "padding" throughout the site - the text and imagery are right on top of each other most of the time.

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
    (Contact me off this forum if you'd like)
  • Posted on Accepted
    OK, the speed-to-market theme was where I was headed with “real time.” “In a flash” sounds more hokey than cliché. If you can get a little more serious, so to speak, that might suit the target audience better. First, what is it about speed?

    Fast to market.
    Get there before the competition.
    Learn more sooner.
    Control R&D investments.
    Etc etc

    Then turn each of these into a “speed” theme. Cover a white board, and after everyone is exhausted, pick one (or three and test them internally and on a few customers!!!!). Examples off the top of my head:

    Rapid & Secure Innovations.
    Innovation at Market Speed.
    Innovation at the Speed of ROI.
    Putting (your) Innovation on the Fast Track.
    Turning Innovation Into Competitive Advantage.

    Etc etc

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