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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Please Help With A Creative Bakery Name

Posted by sweetchefny on 250 Points
We are opening a bakery cafe offering an assortment of baked goods (muffins, scones, cookies, brownies, etc), as well as soups, chili, gourmet salads, etc. Vegan & gluten-free options also. EVERYTHING will be made in-house from scratch. Our focus: from-scratch items made from local ingredients, supporting local farms (product signage will highlight source of berries, etc). All packaging will be eco-friendly (either bio-degradable or made from recycled items). Earth-friendly emphasis. Please help with a catchy name that encompases our niche. Thank you.

  • Posted by Steve Hoffacker on Member
    Down to Earth Bakery
  • Posted on Accepted
    The Greenery Cafe

    Gone Green Cafe

    Green House Cafe

    Cafe Green

    4 Corners Cafe

    The Tree House Cafe

    Mostly Mamma's Cafe

    Natural Garden Cafe

    Secret Garden Cafe

    Our House Cafe

    The Little Seed Cafe

    SunFlower Cafe

    Harvest Garden Cafe

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    Food From Dirt
    Food, Naturally
    Human Friendly Cafe
    The Humane Care
    Now Serving Humans
  • Posted on Member
    The Green Garden Cafe & Bakery

    Delicious & Sweet ~ From-scratch food and desserts

    So Good! - All natural cafe & bakery

  • Posted on Member
    Want a name people will talk about? Guaranteed!

    The Name: Best Buns Around

    Tag Line: Great Buns And A Whole Lot More!

    You think I'm kidding? Think about it. That tag line give you room to bake and sell whatever else you can think of.

    How daring are you willing to be to be the talk of your town?

    Much luck...

    Phil G
  • Posted on Member
    Nature's Nectar Cafe & Bakery
  • Posted by contact on Member
    "From Scratch" is nice. I like that one. We are seeing so much "eco" and "green" in names these days it will soon be everywhere. The name you choose needs to last and be timeless.

    Other suggestions are:

    Simply Sweet
    Goodness Bakery
    Sweet Delights

  • Posted by sweetchefny on Author
    Wow, these are some great suggestions and I appreciate everyones' time and effort! There are several that I think could work - SunFlower Cafe is one - perhaps spelled Sun Flour instead? One of the names I was toying with also was Treats... perhaps with a tree in the logo? What are your thoughts?
  • Posted on Member
    The Forest & The Treats
  • Posted by fla on Member
    You decide if to add "Bakery & Café" the end.

    Pangea Food & Café
    Food Creators
    Living Food
    The Food Font (or Spring)
    Food Farm
    Foodology (You should be the Foodologist...)
  • Posted by michelletrex on Member
    Sweet Mother Café
    Sweet Mother of Earth
    Earth in Need

    or simply


  • Posted by mdlugozima on Member
    No Fakery Bakery
    A Real Treat
    Flour Power
    Wild Oats
    A Sift In Time
    Local Flavor
    Native Treats
    Our Daily Bread
    Slice of Life
    Natural Selections
    To Each His Scone
  • Posted by bdggmg on Member
    Tellurian (Cafe/Bakery/Bakery Cafe)
    Bountiful Bakery
    Terra (Cafe/Bakery/Bakery Cafe)

    Good luck!
  • Posted by sweetchefny on Author
    Thank you all so very much for your helpful suggestions. There were many names I thought could work, but have decided that mizsporty003's suggestions were closest to what I had in mind. We are going with SunFlower Cafe - spelled Sun Flour.

    Thank you again for all your efforts!

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