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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Need A Name For Fitness Center

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
Hi everyone :) I'm looking for some fresh Ideas for a Fitness Center name... I've been pulling my hair out trying to come up with something and everything has been taken... I can't think anymore.. LOL Thank you for your help.. ***** :)

  • Posted on Accepted
    Well when it comes to hair, I can't help you.

    But here goes,

    phonetic fun -
    Focused Physique,
    Physically Focused
    Vigorous Vitality
    Revolution Resolution (focused on spinning?)

    Topical - Iron Will (have you hired a william or bill to work the counter or coach?)
    Barb's Belles (for the women's shop)

    Slang - Fire Pumpers (good logo & marketing options)
    Waisted Energy
    Paunch Busters
    Oomph (you might brainstorm an acronym)
    Energy by the pound (works for gaining and losing)

    Have fun!
  • Posted by mdlugozima on Accepted
    New Looks
    Slim Gym
    No Weight
    30 Minute Weight
    Smart Dumbells
    Great Shape
    The Firm
    Butt Seriously
  • Posted on Author
    The owner's name is will.. lol Thats great thank you keep them coming - great names so far.. Thank you :)
  • Posted by mdlugozima on Member
    Will's World
    Strong Will
    Will's Workout
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Who is the fitness center targeting (demographics)? What's the competition like? What is your gym's environment like (upscale/cheap/ high-tech/etc.)?

    The more info you give us, the better the possible name.

    Also, unless "Will" is someone well-known in your area, it may not be useful to name it after him.
  • Posted on Author
    Its geared toward all of the above, young/old/kids, I believe... Its in Hilton head Island, SC area, Very simple center - not to many machines (i think 2 machines), based on good old fashion work outs... The names so far are great.. Thank you again
  • Posted on Accepted
    Focused Physique, Physically Focused or Vigorous Vitality ..sounds like u r running some school for physically challenged....or viagra center..:)

    i would recommend just opt for simple 'laveau's fitness center'.....because laveau is itself sounds good..

    if u r willing to pay then search google..u will get some sites.. is one of it i know..

    'Body zone' is another name i wud suggest..

    keep it simple & short

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    Island Fitness
    Hilton Head Fitness
    Simply Get Fit
    Better Bodies

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