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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Need Name For Music-theme Gala Event

Posted by Anonymous on 500 Points
Each year our organization puts on a gala-ball that features dinner, dancing and a live and silent auction. Proceeds help with downtown redevelopment in our community. The ball features a different theme each year and this year the chosen theme is around America's Top 40 - musical in nature. The decorations, invitations, auction items, menu, etc. are all based on that theme. To that end I'm looking for ideas as to what to call the event. It's Referred to as the Renewal Ball but in past years has had a tagline/name of Passport to Renewal (travel theme), Premiere Night Ball (movie themed), etc.

I know there are lots of creative folks on here and would appreciate your input and ideas....thanks in advance!

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    I'm not quite clear on the theme. Is it music from the 1940s, or the top 40 current (pop) songs, or is from the top 40 musicals?

    How about: "Top 40 Ways To Get Renewed", "Music For Renewal", "I Feel A Song Renewal Ball", or "Renewal In Concert"
  • Posted by mdlugozima on Member
    Non-Wrecking Ball
    Preservation Party
    Conservationists Ball
    Heritage Ball
    Blight Night
    New Life Gala
    Restoration Gala
  • Posted on Author
    Sorry to be confusing - the theme isn't totally Top 40 (POP) but will likely incorporate all kinds of music, not one type or genre, etc. The "Top 40" is a loose interpretation :)
  • Posted on Member
    Here it is - thanks to Jefferson Starship -

    "We Built This City On Rock and Roll!"

    Good luck - have fun!
    If you haven't looked into the program - make sure you check out MainStreet for CBD renewal.


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