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Topic: Taglines/Names

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New Business Name & Slogan For Natural Products

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
Please help me to come up with a new business name and slogan for my new business. Here are some details...
Customers - b2b, so receptionists, business executives.. People who appreciate quality.
Common Theme - Natural products, environmentally friendly.
Products in the pipeline - christmas trees, plant hire, organic hampers...
Our Service - delivering natural products and related services to their door.
Price range - not too cheap, but good value for money.
This is the best i have come up with to date:
Business Name: "Simply Nature"
Slogan: "Let Nature Say It For You"
Where with each product theme we could say for example... "Merry Christmas... Let Nature Say It For You", "Happy Birthday... Let Nature Say It For You".
We are pitching at the upper of the market in quality and service so something a bit more witty would be more ideal??
PLEASE HELP, Thanks, Derek.

  • Posted by Levon on Member
    Hi Derek,

    I am still kind of unsure what it is you do. Is "Simply Nature" your name already? I am not really sure if "Let Nature Says It For You" explains or positions you and what you uniquely sell.

    I would almost suggest thinking about a tagline that explains what it is you do like "Natural Office products, environmentally friendly". Maybe shorten it to "Environmental Office Products". Are the Christmas trees plastic trees or a live tree or a live cut tree?

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    It sounds like you're selling customized "green-related" gifts. Unless you're selling plants, flowers, or gemstones with gift cards, you're not selling "nature".

    Maybe name your company "Naturally", so you could say: Naturally, Have A Merry Christmas.
  • Posted by bruce on Accepted
    Name: Simply Natural

    Tag: "Bringing Nature's Gifts to Your Door"
  • Posted on Member
    Name: Green to Go
    Tagline: Nature's own gifts, expressly gathered and delivered to you.

    or 2nd Tagline thought: Environmentally friendly products delivered to you.

    Name: Elementally Green To Go
    Tagline: Natural Products You're Bound to Love
  • Posted on Accepted
    would be a nice name.. giving the connotation of giving from the heart.

    Then spell it out with ORGANIC SEASON'S GREETINGS
  • Posted on Accepted
    You have to keep it short and to the point! If you have a name that rattles on, so to speak, ppl have a tendency to forget it. Something as simple as "Naturally yours" or a play on that ("Yours Naturally" or "Forever, Nature" even) will be better, in my opinion. The other thing you have to deal with is your corporate image and how that goes with the name. Remember that you're going to have cards and all that stuff with your name on it, so make it stand out and simple. Colors are vital, as well! Some things turn people off immediately while others draw them to the product for, at least, a second look and maybe a try! Good luck!

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