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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Hot Dog Cart Naming

Posted by Anonymous on 25 Points
Names for my Hot dog cart business

I already own

These above names can all be used to link back to the final names that I select

The to-go cart"?
The Gourmet stand
Gourmet Dogs
The Guiltless Dog
The Heavenly dog

Delicious Dogs

Grandstand Hot Dogs
Where every one's a wiener

The Wiener Wagon
Juicy, delicious and delivered to you fresh!

Woosey Wawgs

I need to come up with a name for a hot dog cart business that will focus on providing fresh all beef no casing hot dogs/ fresh squeezed lemonade, with fresh condiments grilled onions etc.

There are 3 to 4 other carts in the area, plus a stand already named "Hot diggity dogs" and I dream of Weenie?
I'm speaking about a clean operation that will have a great location, away from the other carts, with tons of foot traffic, the other 3 to 4 are dirty in appearance and yet I don’t see how the health department allows them to operate.

I live in Nashville Tennessee Music City. “Not sure I want to use the words Nashville and Music City in the name” but want to be able to travel to other areas of the TN or KY and market my Dogs. Something generic but yet special enough for a person to stop and
Question it and say lets give it a try. Its only 3.00, Impulse buy not a big decision just 3.00?

I'll be targeting the lunch business crowd & will at local summer events and NFL foot ball games on the streets walking to the events

Any other info needed? I appreciate any ideas!


Other Ideas for names

Last standing dog

Nashville Dawgs

Woosey Wawgs

(How Juicy Dogs would sound if you had a mouth full of one.)

TAG: Free Bibs with every order.

  • Posted on Member
    Gone to the Dogs
    Hot Dog!

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    The $3 Meal.
    Franks For The Hunger
    Frankly Better
    No Whining Weiners
  • Posted by Mikee on Member
    The Grand Ole Dog (after the opry)
    Country Dogs
  • Posted on Accepted
    What about one of the following...

    Weiner Beats All
    And The Weiner Is...
    Top Dog
    Top Dog In Town
    Franks For The Memories
    Weiner Takes All
    Mighty Dog (or Dawg)
    WeinerWagon (one word or two)
    Big Dawg
    Top Dawg
    Bite Me! (with the tag line, "Best Dawg In Town"..and it'll make a hell of a t-shirt if you decide to sell those, too. Other taglines could be: Top Dawg In Town, or Big Dawg In Town, or Biggest Dawg In Town)

    Here's to success...


  • Posted by kevin.shoesmith on Member
    Here are some more ideas, although the ones already suggested are pretty good. Any of these could use "Dog" or "Dawg."

    Bulldawgs ... Fresh, Fast, Flavorful
    Top Dog Dining
    Top Dogs to Go
    Lead Dog ... every bite tastes better
    Frankly ... Forget Burgers
    Better than Burgers
    Dawggone Good
    Dog Town
    Dawgs Done Right
    Dawgs Your Way
    Dawg Bites
    Darn That's a Great Dawg!
    Great Dawgs
    Great Dawgs Dining
    Walking Dawgs (plays off fact you're selling from a moving (walking) cart)

  • Posted on Member
    Ideas for hot dogs sold in Nashville...hum...

    Hee Haw Dogs!
  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Member
    The Frank Dogger

    The Morgan Dogger

    The Mucho Morgan Dogger

    The Mighty Morgan Dogger

    Top of the Cart Dogger

  • Posted by mdlugozima on Member
    Squeals On Wheels
    A Long Little Doggie
    Hot Dang Hot Dogs!
    Playing Ketchup
    Yummy Dogs...people relish them
    You don't have to be Southern to like Frank's Real Dogs
    Rocky Topping
  • Posted on Member

  • Posted by brooke.schulz on Member
    Some ideas -- many of the above are good as well:

    Three Dollar Dog

    Fresh Dog

    Fresh Franks -- freshest franks and lemonade in opryland

    Yella Dawg -- alluding to the lemonade (yellow) and hot dogs

    Ol' Yeller -- you can paint the stand yellow to stand out as well as market the lemonade, and it's the name of a famous dog.

    Bluegrass Franks

    Country Dawg or Country Dog

    Fancy Fresh Dog

    Good luck!


  • Posted on Member
    The Dog House
  • Posted on Author
    Well the question is closed and everyone had great Ideas Phil was the first one to respond PhilGrisoliaMarketing bite me sounded great.
    So thus this got me thinking and with every ones help I came up Via registry with "The Heavenly Dog" .net as my final selection and yes the Bite me! would be great on the back of a T-Shirt.

    demode1204 had some nice twist on names also.

    Another great list of Ideas from mdlugozima again the tag lines helped with how it would play out in the minds of potential customers.

    No thank you franklevert for the Hee Haw dogs but nice try.

    kevin.shoesmith also had some great Ideas. the tag lines helped me to refine my concept as to how I wanted to hear it played out to a customer.

    kevin.shoesmith I really had to stop and think about the concept of using The Grand old Dog. .............. then I said no thank you and stuck with my Heavenly dog.

    I rode around Nashville at night and checked out the competition
    Someone had the Hound dog and a likeness of Elvis " food was Bad"

    I wanted to thank everyone for your help and I thought the fact that most I guess people who looked at this didn't live in Nashville TN all bright and fresh Ideas.


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