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Know-How Exchange

Topic: Just for Fun

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Wal-mart Vs. Target

Posted by Jessica_Castro on 500 Points
1.) What store do you LIKE better? why?
2.) Now what store do you SHOP at more often? why?

a lil experiment if you don't mind...i'm just curious

  • Posted by phil.wesel on Accepted
    K Mart Forever.... Yes I know everyone will say what the movie Rainman says about the "Big K" but they have always stood by me when something went awry.

    I don't particularly like Walmart and a lot of that may have to do with both the brand and the "killer" status of the stores. Usually its a scorched earth policy for surrounding mom and pop retailers whereas both Target and K Mart because they cannot be all things to all people live a little room for "Peace & Harmony"

    Also Target (not Kmart) has great advertising which means employment for us creative and marketing types who are very familiar with having a bullseye on everything we do.

    best and I hope to hear from some other empassioned Walmarters out there. Let the battle begin!

  • Posted by Mikee on Accepted
    I prefer Target. I have been shopping there longer as we have had a Target longer than we have had a Wal-Mart. Target feels a little more upscale and organized but tends to have a decent price point.

    I acutally tend to shop at Costco the most :-), but I digress.

  • Posted on Accepted
    Target rules for me. Geographically,however, I have to shop at Wal-Mart more.

    I agree with Phil's assessment of them, but in the interest of full disclosure, I live about 10 minutes from the Wal-mart home office and they have done INCREDIBLE things for the community here.

    If they were right across the street from one another though, I would spend as much money with Target as I could.

    Cool question. Interested in seeing the rest of the board's comments.

  • Posted by Jessica_Castro on Author
    I'm too far away from Costco myself...and I haven't seen a K-Mart in years...I don't even remember what they look like...

    I am one of the guilty americans who prefer Target for its customer service, good quality products, and clean organized nature, but end up in Wal-Mart for its low prices and 24 hour status...

    I'm not sure how this happens lol nor are any of my friends....
  • Posted by michael on Accepted
    Target over Walmart.
    Walmart SUperstore over Target Greatlands

    Walmart has better prices so I'm there more
  • Posted on Accepted
    I find the prices fairly similar, and I prefer Target because of their better-quality products (shoes, clothes, housewares) and clean, open aisles-- one of my biggest beefs with Wal-Mart is you can barely maneuver a cart around, much less a cart + children!

    Additionally, I've never had anything but horrible experiences with Wal-Mart's customer service.
  • Posted by melissa.paulik on Accepted
    I absolutely will not shop at Walmart because the parking lot is horribly designed. Most Walmart parking lots are badly designed unless you go to one in a really small town.

    They are also dirty - just like KMart got to be before they really fell off the radar. They also put the fertilizer right next to the children's toys. I can barely stay more than 15 seconds in the toy section without getting nauseated. What marketing genius thought up that layout?

    I am a fan of Target. They have clean well lit stores. I can use my target card and get a 10% shopping day everytime I spend more than $500 at Target. Plus, a small portion of what I spend goes to support my local schools. I honestly can't think of any really bad shopping experience at Target.

    Interesing question. Not sure what your motive is for asking but it sure is indicative of how the marketing community feels about the two stores.

    All the best!

  • Posted on Accepted
    Target for sure. It's a better experience. It's a prettier store. It has better customer service and doesn't feel so "dirty."
  • Posted on Accepted
    My vote goes with Target. We have a Super Target and Super Wally World within 5 minutes of each other and the Target experience seems to be more civilized. Cleaner, brighter, less crammed with "stuff." Will agree that Wally World sometimes has better prices. Good experiences with Target and cash back, returns (no problems). Also prefer Costco over Sam's Club - but that could be location thing more than anything.

    Thanks for the survey.
    Good shopping!
  • Posted on Accepted
    Walmart is the place where regular people go to buy the neccessities. The problem is, in middle-America, Walmart carries a negative conotation. Target is Walmart without the "trailer park" negative social branding.

    I am on a one-man crusade to buy high quality non-disposable consumer goods. Neither store scores well in that department.
  • Posted on Accepted
    I shop at both because:
    1. it depends on what I'm shopping for
    2. they are equal distance to me
    3. they both have poor customer service, so that doesn't sway me to go to one or the other (I'm not talking service counter or exchange issues - heaven forbid a cashier looks you in the eye or tells you have a nice day)
    4. I don't have issues with the perception of Wal-Mart being low-class and Target being high-class.

    However, if I go to Wal-Mart, I tend to only buy what's on my list. If I go to Target with only toothpaste on my list, I still end up with a $50 bag of stuff.

    Interestingly enough, I went to Wal-Mart this past weekend and of the 9 things on my list, I only found 2 of them and ended up having to go to Target for the rest.
  • Posted by Jessica_Castro on Author
    Here is what i find most odd.

    Although everyone here seems to prefer Target, I have noticed a really large increase in Wal-Mart foot traffic. So I'm wondering why that is...
  • Posted by Inbox_Interactive on Accepted
    Target offers a nicer shopping experience, but Wal-Mart consistently has better prices.

    I'm more likely to buy clothes at Target than I am at Wal-Mart, but I'll never buy grocery store items at Target.

    You're seeing an increase in foot traffic at Wal-Mart because people are trying to stretch a dollar. A 12-oz. bag of Starbucks ground coffee that costs $9.79 at Kroger or Publix is $6.99 at Wal-Mart. A box of cereal that costs $4.79 at the grocer is just over $3 at Wal-Mart. A can of sardines that costs $3.29 is $1.79...and so on.

    Frankly, I feel stupid for not having watched these prices for the last 10 years.
  • Posted by BlueSage on Accepted
    I shop Walmart. Better prices. I quit shopping Target about 3-4 years ago here in Az because in Flagstaff, Target said the bell-ringers at Christmas could not be there any longer.

    They refuse to support others, I refuse to give them my money. The last time I was in Target, I noticed it had nicer things than wally world and I could probably unload my money there, however I will not. Should Target get a conscience again to allow the Christmas bell ringers, I will undoubtedly shop there again.

    Plus I can find most of what I want in the same category at Walmart. I too, shop costco mostly.

  • Posted on Accepted
    As you can see, a lot depends on the location, location, location! However, I HATE shopping at Wal*Mart.

    Once in a great while I have to go to Wally World for something, and I almost look around in the parking lot to make sure that no one I know sees me going in there. The 'ambiance' of our Wal*Mart is about the same as a thrift store in the 'bad' part of town.

    The Big Lots store is cleaner and better organized than Wal*Mart in our area. Target definitely 'gets it' with presenting a more upscale image. Remember several years ago when women would say they were shopping at Tar-Zhay, just to make it sound like they weren't shopping at a discount chain?

    Our K-Mart is somewhere in between Wal*Mart and Target in experience and pricing, but we shop there more, BECAUSE - it's only two miles from our home!
  • Posted by BARQ on Accepted

    According to

    "Update! In late 2005 it was announced on the Salvation Army website that Target and the Salvation Army were partnering together on the "Target/Salvation Army Wish List" an online site to provide items for those affected by the hurricanes and other people in need."

  • Posted by Jessica_Castro on Author
    I was really interested in this question because from my perspective people are openly subjecting themselves to more unpleasant experiences just to stretch a dollar a few more cents.

    Ultimately that appears to be an area where there is nothing a marketer can do but stand by and hope for the best....
  • Posted by BARQ on Accepted

    You might want to review Maslow's hierarchy of needs. In tough economic times, the need for food and clothing takes a priority over comfort and enjoyment.

    Or maybe some people derive pleasure from getting a lower price than their neighbors in spite of the fact that the lower price retailer has pressured their suppliers to commit unethical, if not illegal, acts to manufacture goods in cultures and countries that are too poor to challenge those practices.

    Of course these same low price shoppers are among the first to complain of jobs lost in America, blaming the Republicans or the Democrats or Washington when their own buying practices have encouraged retailers to cut throats in order to deliver.

    I think Sam Walton would have objected to what is happening today.

    But that's just my opinion. I could be mad.

  • Posted on Accepted
    Interesting discussion.

    1.) Definitely prefer Target. Cleaner, better quality and value. Better overall shopping experience.

    2.) Shop more at Target than Walmart, but I tend to go to CVS or Walgreen's for a couple items. If I want to shop for household, clothing or entertainment items, I go to Target. I usually go to Walmart when I can't find something at Target or the pharmacy stores.

    Agree with BARQ. Consumers can blame themselves and Walmart for fewer goods being manufactured in America.

  • Posted by Tracey on Accepted
    Prefer Target. I won't shop at Wal-Mart because I think they have unethical business practices. I also like Target better because the store focuses more on design, which appeals to me. It also seems better quality and style, though I admit I can't confirm the quality thing since I don't shop at Wal-Mart - just my perception of the brand.
  • Posted by MsDuctTape on Accepted
    Hi Lieca,

    Interesting question. I try to avoid all the big box stores.

    - I think I "feel" better shopping at Target, given all the political and social criticisms of Wal*Mart.

    - Clean scores big with me, and on that front Target wins.

    - Without putting deep thought into this, I think the customer-to-customer experience is better in Target -- as can't recall any bad interactions in Target, but have witnessed a couple unattractive moments in Wal*Mart.

    I end up in Wal*Mart more often based on location and convenience.

    Hope that helps!

  • Posted by Jessica_Castro on Author
    Thanks guys for the responses! I think I will definitely use this topic for a paper later on its seems to attract an array of interesting responses....
  • Posted on Member
    I prefer Target to Wal-Mart. I have a Super Walmart within a mile of my house and a Target maybe 2 miles away. Both Stores are fairly new (within the last 5 years).

    To me Target has a nicer look and feel than Wal-Mart. Walmart may have cheaper prices (not by that much) but the quality of their products has went down considerably within the last few years.

    My main gripe about Walmart is the lines are always tooo long. They have tons of lines and only 1 or 2 open on each side even during busy times. At Target if the lines appear to be getting longer they call additional staff to the front.
    Target neat and tidy and I can always find what I'm looking for. It is more visually appealing than Wal-Mart.

    While Walmart may have a negative connation (trailer trash etc), Target has an upperclass feel to it. I really don't pay that much attention to things like that but i do notice when I'm at Walmart it seems the customers and the employees are a different class than who shop/work in Targets.

    Bottom line I would rather pay a bit extra not to be bothered with Wal-Mart. I would rather travel out of my way passing my several Wal-Marts to go to Target.

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