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Alternative To Ribbon Cutting For Pharmacy Opening

Posted by cindy.hamilton on 250 Points
I don't want another grip & grin boring ribbon cutting for health clinic within a pharmacy. Looking for creative ideas. Background - it is a pharmacy chain, it is in a beach town, the clinic will have a nurse for minor medical advise & treatment, the nurse will be affiliated with a hospital, the event will in in the morning, the space is very small within the pharmacy. I'd like the event to be interactive with for media & customers. we could set up outside.
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  • Posted by J. Weiss on Member
    Do some kind of charity kickoff run or walk or ride. Give back to the community and show how you are not just a chain but a neighbor. You could also make it an annual event as well. Remember the first year is tough to get things started but if done correctly you could get it off the ground and running. no pun intended, well maybe lol!
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Have a wellness fair instead of a ribbon cutting: free classes, product samples, exercise classes, and screenings/measurements (blood pressure, BMI, eye exam, etc).

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