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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Need Help Naming Snack Food And Company

Posted by Anonymous on 500 Points
Hello all,
Here's the situation. I approached a nutritionist with an idea for our own brand of healthy snack food. She loved it. I really enjoy the marketing of it all and doing the business plan and the entire planning and sourcing etc.... and I'm good at it!! but now I'm stuck and I need your help.

I came up with Healthy Handfuls and worked everything arouund this name and did my research today and the name was registered with another snack company locally not more than a few months ago!!! Now I'm really stuck for a great catch name.

So concept is quick, nutritious, easy to eat, healthy snack foods. HELP PLEASE!!

  • Posted on Member
    Can you give us anything else to go on? Is it fruity, "veggie," granola type, etc? Is it going to be boxed, bagged, individually wrapped, etc? Eaten by the handful, on a stick, eaten one at a time? Cold, hot, either? Stored dry, refrigerated, freezer? Mix with water, milk, soft drink, etc? Weight loss, weight gain? Anything comparable?

  • Posted by kevin.shoesmith on Accepted
    Here are a bunch of ideas/words to consider. You can combine any combination that "hits" you. Thanks. Best of luck.

    Snack Attacks
    Delicious Delights
    Snackable Bites
    Bag 'Olicious
    Energy Bursts
    BeeBs (a Burst of Energy in Every Bite)
    Benergy Bites
    Gobbles (you'll want to gobble them up)
    Healthy Snack Attacks
    Edible Handfuls
    SmartSnack Handfuls
    Mouth Munchies
    Magic Munchies (may have negative connotation)
    Picky Palette Snacks
    Healthy Zone Snacks
    Nutrizone Snacks
    Healthy Bling
    Bling Bling Bites
    Better Bites 4 You
    Handfuls 2 Go
    GO Snacks!
    Grab Back Delectables

  • Posted on Member
    The grammatically correct version of Healthy Handfuls is Healthy Handsful, but "correct" doesn't always work best, does it?

  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    Let's focus on your primary target audience. Who are they? Where do they live? What are they buying now to satisfy their snacking needs? Are they eating salty snacks or sweet snacks? Is it mostly mothers for kids?

    How do they react to the concept of your product? When they try the product what words do they use to describe it?

    Without these critically important positioning data points it's hit-or-miss for naming. It doesn't much matter what WE all think about the name options, unless your prime target audience is online marketers.

    How are you going to pick a winner from the candidates we've suggested? What are the criteria?

    Best approach: Get very clear about your positioning and your primary target audience. Then name it to communicate the single most important benefit for them.

    P.S. How are you going to distribute the product? Where would someone purchase it? That may be a bigger issue than the name. As a former Director of Marketing at Frito-Lay, I can tell you that getting retail distribution in supermarkets is going to be very difficult and expensive. Are you in the United States? Starting locally or regionally?
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    Michael's given you some great advice.

    Here are some other naming ideas:
    Healthy Nibbles
    Healthy Bites
    Healthy Morsels
    Healthy Mouthfuls
  • Posted on Member
    Hope Michael's reality check doesn't sober you too much. He brings tremendous insight and credibility to the discussion.

    Here are a few to throw into your thought process!
    Quick Bites
    NutriSnax (or snacks)
    TasteeSnax (or snacks)
    Fill Ups - the healthy between meal snack

    Good Luck!

  • Posted by khullarsfromc on Accepted
    I couldn't agree more with Micheal on retail(especially)distribution. It will be difficult,furstating and almost next to impossible and if you get it, it will be EXTREMLY POSSIBLE. You may have an easier time trying to get distribution in small independent stores and if you are seriously targeting health and weight conscious consumers, you may be much better off trying to get distribution at independent stores that cater to that target market.Once you are able to establish from there and your product is well received may have much easier time with distribution with larger chains because for them, that space is real estate.
    With no benefit of research, how about the name-NUTRUITION ON THE GO.
    ADVANTAGES OF THAT NAME-simple, easy to remember, and it will allow you to offer many varieties of snacks as you aren't naming the product but you will have to have very nice pictures of the product on the packages so people could see what they are.
    DISADVANTAGES-The ones i can think of are--name almost too simplistic;pictures will have to do the talking and it may at least initially mostly attract consumers who are looking for nutritious foods;health/waist conscious consumers.
    Lots of good luck to you and if use any name suggested here, let us know and send us free snacks.
  • Posted on Member
    Here are just a couple for now. We'll think of more

    Healthy D'Light

  • Posted by khullarsfromc on Member
    Healthy Bites

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