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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Need Help W/ Tagline Or Slogan For A Jewelry Store

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I am a graphic designer working on a new logo for a jewelry store that specializes in custom jewelry design. The store operates by appointment only so they would like a tagline that gets across that they provide personalized, no-obligation service by appt. only as well as the fact that they specialize in custom design... emphasis on the no-obligation and the fact that they can provide custom jewelry that no one else in town can. Oh, and I have to say all that in 8 words or less. This is why I need help! The owner of the store keeps using a rhyming jingle as an example of what he's looking for but I don't want to get too cheesy.

words to work with.. specialized, personalized, by appointment, unique, custom

Here are some ideas I came up with but nothing gets the whole message across.

Custom Jewelry with a Personalized Twist (that's prob. the best so far)

you dream it ...we create it

designs inspired by you with the personalized service you deserve

our time given when you want it

your time is precious, make it special

where you get what you want, on your time

specialized service for the special you

  • Posted on Member
    Time to put on the thinking cap...

    By Appointment, Creating The Designs You Inspire
    By Appointment, Creating Jewelry You Design
    By Appointment, Jewelry Designs You Inspire
    By Appointment, The Jewelry You Envision
    By Appointment, Jewelry Created Exclusively For You

    Am I obsessed with "By Appointment"? No, but the chosen method of operation is both a unique and a limiting factor. The shop is not a casual destination; it requires a planned trip...and customers ought to be made aware of that - up front.

    I must admit, it's an unusual way to do business, but I can well understand the appeal such a business might have, particularly to high-end buyers.

    I hope these help...or inspire others to do better.

  • Posted by Mikee on Member
    Jewelry Should Be Unique, Like You
    Jewelry Designed Just For You
    Jewelry Exactly As You Wish
    Designed Exactly Like Yoiu Wish
    Your Own Sparkle
    Your Very Own, Unique Sparkle
    You Are Unique - Your Jewelry Should Be Too
    One of a Kind Jewelry for One of a Kind Clients

    I do not think that the by appointment part has to be conveyed in the tagline. I understand it may be different, but other companies do not have to put their hours in their tagline. I think this point should be presented on any business cards, brochures and website.

    Hope these help,
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    When Off-The-Shelf Just Won't Do
    Get Exactly What You Want
    Express Your Uniqueness
  • Posted on Author
    I appreciate all the responses but I don't think I have got the catchy one that encompasses the fact that they do "custom jewelry and that they are by appointment only with no-obligation". The no-obligation part needs to be in the slogan somewhere because the owner is having a hard time getting people past the weird pressure of having to make an appointment. I've ran these responses by the owner and he's still hung up on a jingle of some kind because he wants to do radio advertising and a good jingle will get into peoples heads so he's branding his name (which is by the way). He will be selling jewelry online obviously but it doesn't need to be in the jingle because .com alone gets that point across. Anyone out there good with jingles?
  • Posted on Author
    Unfortunately yes, is the final name. The owner is an older gentleman without much marketing knowledge so his idea of "catchy" is not always correct. Anyways - I like where your ideas are going debrasantens.. we are not as big as Dallas so he will have to rely mostly on the local paper and direct mail. He hasn't pushed radio yet but I used your ideas to create a radio ad I think he will like.. what do you think? Any feedback is welcomed.

    "wow! what is that rock on your finger! " (a womans voice)
    "oh...just a little something I picked up at HOI gems...I designed it myself...." (a 2nd womans voice)

    "For the discreet and unique, we offer personalized service."
    We never tell your secrets - and there is never an obligation.
    Schedule an appointment to pick up your little piece of heaven before your best friend does!" (a narrator)

    HOI Gems.. Custom jewelry with a personalized twist! You can also find us online at

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