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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Catchy Name 4 An Alumni Assoc. & Its Programs!

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
Hi All:
Greetings from Bogotá!
I am a grad student working on my practicum at Fulbright Colombia (an organization that sponsors educational exchanges between the U.S. and Colombia).

We are in the midst of launching a new Alumni Association... except that my boss absolutely HATES the word "Alumni" since the exchange participants don´t actually -graduate- from Fulbright; they go to hundreds of different universities. Any ideas? It can be in English or Spanish.

Also, within this "alumni association" (but called something different!) we looking for a name for "give back" volunteer program, which will include a mentoring program, a host family (also looking for that name!) program and a program where former exchange participants can donate their time/professional experience to give lectures/workshops etc.

So really, I am looking for FOUR names! and again, these can be in English OR Spanish or some combo of each/both!!!
1) A name for the Alumni Association (NOT using the word Alumni)
2) A name for the "giving back" part of the association, where alum can volunteer (this is sort of an umbrella name for the Mentoring program and the following two programs)
3) A name for a "host family" program (except it´s not necessarily having Fulbrighters live with these families, they can be single people, couples or families who agree to help be like a "welcome wagon" for american grantees coming to Colombia, or host them for dinner etc., kind of like buddies)
4) A name for the program where alum donate their time and professional services to give lectures etc.

So you can see this really is a 500 pt question! Please let me know any and all ideas, I really appreciate your help.

  • Posted by saul.dobney on Accepted
    The Fulbright Experienced
    Volvio Association
    The Fulbright Mass
    Fulbright Union
    Fulbright beneficiaries
    Fulbright scholars

    Fulbright defensors, sponsors, contributors, benefactors, angels

    Fulbright Guardians/Shepherds/Escorts/Anchor/Gatherers

    Fulbright Sages/Masters

  • Posted on Accepted
    First of all, your boss is off base.

    Just check on the business sites - like linkedin
    There are hundreds of Alumi Associations for Companies.. outside of accademic circles Alumi has taken on a whole new meaning. And, my guess is only a select few of your members have actually gone into this role...

    But that being said
    here are some suggestions
    Fullbright Collumbia Society or Association might work

    The payback could be tagged - Sponsors

  • Posted by mdlugozima on Accepted
    1. Bienvenido A Casa
    1. Returning Scholars
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    1. Fulbright Colombia Memories (Experience)
    2. The Fulbright Circle
    3. Fulbright Hosts
    4. Fulbright Cares

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