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Topic: Taglines/Names

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How To Attract Business Partners

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
We are looking for partners who want to start a network marketing business with a renowned 14 year old wellness company offering all natural products for skin care, fat loss, optimal health for children and adults.
We want to create a flyer/sign with a catchy slogan which will spark people's curiosity giving us the opportunity to speak with them about the company's unique business model and its high potential in revenues with its health products. We think of it as plan B for supplemental income to a retirement or future retirement plans, lay offs etc. Any ideas? Thank you for your time.

  • Posted by mgoodman on Moderator
    You should probably start by interviewing a few people who fit the profile of target partners to see what THEY want and need. Right now you're focused on your product line, your catchy slogan, your retirement plan, and your business model. (Note: the word YOUR is operative.)

    Once you've put yourself in their place for a while, you'll know what THEY need from you in order to be a good partner. And that should be at the core of your marketing plans and approach to these prospective partners.
  • Posted on Member
    I think it takes more then a catchy slogan, if you want to be attractive for businespartner/franchise takers or whatever you name it. Be catchy all the way: with your slogan, with the colors and the looks of the shops, with the nice and high quality natural product, the clothing of your staff, with the advertisement etc. Make it possible to live the brand and find the people who recognize themselves in what the formula stands for. To be short: get the concept straight and invest in loading the brand with the values and the images you want the brand/formula to stand for. Be sure to make a difference and don't try to please anybody but a specific target group.

    The people who recognize themselves in the concept (I wish I would have come up with this concept) are the partners you need to make it a success all the way.

  • Posted by babbsela on Member
    I agree that you need more than a catchy slogan. Why is your opportunity different or better than all the hundreds of other companies who do the exact same thing? Once you determine your unique selling proposition, the slogan or tag lines will grow from that.

    Focus first on the opportunity, and what the potential partners will get by participating. Do forecasts, and best- and worst-case scenarios.

    You will be competing with a lot of MLM companies in the same industry. Study what they have to offer, and find a way to differentiate yourselves from them. See what other MLM's do who are not in your industry, and improve on their best ideas and programs. Make sure your USP is powerful and easy to describe.
  • Posted by mgoodman on Moderator
    Looking for "anyone with a vision, a purpose and a dream" suggests you really have not looked critically at who should be in your primary target audience. That target is not particularly useful and is so broad as to be almost absurd. What if that person lives in China and doesn't speak English (or whatever language you speak)? What if the vision is one of being a surfing champion, or a beach volleyball player? Do those people fall into your primary target audience?

    I'd suggest you come back to earth and, as Dr. Phil would say, "get real." Approach this as a legitimate marketing challenge and make some hard decisions. If you are focused and specific, and you go after a very narrow target audience, there's a chance you can succeed. You need to look at the opportunity you're offering from the point of view of the target audience though, and figure out what they need to know in order to buy what you're selling. This is a business deal, not a fantasy trip.

    If you don't do that, getting "peoples [sic] attention" is going to be a futile and ultimately frustrating task.

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