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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Computer Consulting/repair Slogan

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
So we been in business for 13 months, started out of home office, and thanking all the support we were giving, the company did grow quick. We are now opening our first retail store.

Our slogan is

We Fix It, Or It's Free!!

Even though we never had an issue with the slogan, but looking for more creative slogan.

We attract both business and consumer clients. mostly business. Been looking around, and brainstorming, just looking for more ideas.

  • Posted on Accepted
    Why look for a "creative" slogan when you have what is perhaps the most effective. Forget creativity and stay with a promise that is most important to your customers.

    If it's not broke, don't fix it! And your current tagline (slogan) isn't broke. Think about it. Seriously...

  • Posted on Author
    Phil, I appreciate the response, my only thinking is, We will never charge a customer if we don't fix it, even though in the 13months we never got into that issue so far. As always there is a solution to the problem.

    We always find the solution to the problem, We pick the pc for free if it can't be fixed on site with in an hour or two max, as we charge max of two hours in shop, even if it takes a day.

    I just dont want to get into a problem where, wait you didn't fix it. Well you denied the fix we found the solution.

    Am thinking of

    We Will Fix A Solution, Or It's Free!!
  • Posted on Accepted
    I agree with Phil... if it aint broke - dont fix it.

    It's up to your to provide the details that match your tag line.
  • Posted on Accepted
    Funny but I agree with the former responses. That was my first reaction after I read your post and before I read the responses. The one liner communicate what you want to be as a business, trustful and on this planet to fix the customers problem.

    A barrier for calling the kind of service you run is the risk of spending money (we can't fix your pc but we have a starting fee of $ 30,- so could you please pay the invoice) without the problem solved. With the one liner you communicate an appealing message to your target group.

  • Posted on Author
    I guess i will stay with my current slogan,

    Knowing am opening a store, so the slogan going to be on the sign
  • Posted by Mikee on Accepted
    Along the same lines as what you have:

    No Solution, No Charge
    We Only Charge for Solutions

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