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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Tagline For A Perfume/ Deoderant Company

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
hi guys
i want a tagline for a deoderant / perfume company
v r planning to launch our product by the end of the next mouth but r struggling with a powerful tagline

  • Posted by mgoodman on Moderator
    We need more information if we're really going to help you. Who is in your primary target audience? What's the positioning of your deodorant/perfume? Have you named the product yet? If so, what's the brand name? What is the main benefit you're promising?

    Have you gone through a positioning process? If so, we need to know the intended positioning. If not, that needs to come first. Launching in the next 60 days doesn't give you a lot of time. Are you sure you can do this?

    What's the marketing strategy? Have you developed detailed marketing plans? How is it that you're looking for a tagline at this late date?
  • Posted on Member
    1. "Scents in Bloom"

    Just as an example if your line has different titles, etc. and obviously you have a Company name, regardless, you can say, ABC Company - "Scents in Bloom" expresses fragrance, yet also a fresh type of beginning/newness about it.

    2. "Awakening Your Senses, Expressing Your Individuality"
    3. "Delighting Your Senses, Indulging Your Extravagance"
    4. "Delighting Your Senses, Blanketing You in Luxury"

    This tagline would work well if you have varying lines of products, in example, a floral base note line, a citrus line, a more calming line or holistic line. ABC Company's

    5. "Complimenting Your Lifestyle, Protecting Your Intimate Moments"

    This tag line would work well with a marketing campaign geared towards active women and men..for Example, Showing a Woman Rock Climbing..or working out at the gym (something physical)...with a time elapse clock in the ad (split page with a picture of a time elapse clock in the middle of the ad on the dividing line, mimicking an 20 minute time elapse or something)..and the same woman dress in a cocktail dress and her arms around the neck of her male companion her purse in one hand and she is wearing high heels, both of them smiling his arms around her waist in a mutual embrace..
    Or a Man out running on one side of the Ad and on the other his arms around the waist of his female companion a big smile on his and her faces and in his hands a bouquet of flowers and the other a box of candies..(giving the idea of a date)

    Without more information I can't help to cater the tag line to your Company's Philosophy, Brand Style, Marketing Goals (who your audience is), etc.

    What are the 4 key words that come to mind when you try to think of what you want to convey? (i.e. elegance, luxury, protection, long-lasting, convenience..etc..)

    Best of Luck and Success,

  • Posted on Author
    hie all ,
    m closing the question since i am not at all satisfied with the response
    anyways thanks a lot for all Ur answers

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