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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Looking For A Catchy Name For A Cafe

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I am purchasing an existing cafe that is not making money and has lost its clientele. The location is good (close to the fruit/veg markets and busy eatery street).I need a new name for the cafe/restaurant to start fresh and forget what has been happening in the current place. The cafe is off the main street (about 10m away) so I need to get passers'-by attention to visit the cafe. I want to have community meetings there and movie screenings. The cafe has got a small garden at the back. We will serve vego food, organic whenever possible (from local).We will serve coffee (standard latte,etc and international ones: Turkish, Italian, flavoured,etc, teas).Burger will be our hit and soup of a day. We will be open mainly for lunch, but perhaps grow further.We also want to display local art pieces.
The cafe is on the ground floor. Yoga centre is on the second floor. Opposite the cafe there are: vintage clothing, pot making workshop, gallery. It is becoming some sort of an arty little street.
Competition is everywhere and I am looking for a catchy name to be different, help my business and our community.
THANK YOU for your help.

  • Posted by Ann Sheehy on Accepted
    Hi there,

    How about The Art of Coffee ?

    Ann Sheehy
    Bright Star Marketing - Ireland
  • Posted on Author
    Thank you. Coffee is only a part of what we will be doing. The name is perfect for a coffee shop/cafe as such. As the food is vego we cannot have it in the name - vegos will know about the place anyway. so the name should be simple, but catchy to attract those who normally would not go to a vego place. Also, a name/tagline - to let them know that we are more than just a (another) cafe...
  • Posted on Accepted
    How about...

    The Garden of Eating?

  • Posted on Accepted
    Maybe veggies and coffee
  • Posted on Author
    redhotvalentines - the burger - our star - is made of fresh produce with a fresh (warm) lentil, chickpea or tofu burger. It is far from a usually sold burger in other places. It comes with a fresh salad as well. Yummo! Your names are interesting ones!
  • Posted on Author
    the names I have been thinking of today, but still undecided:
    * network cafe - where everyone networks
    * community cafe - food. art. music.
  • Posted by kevin.shoesmith on Accepted
    I think the quality of food and word of mouth will bring customers back. What you need to attract attention because you are located off the beaten path is a "catchy" name that's going to get people's attention. Here are some thoughts to play with:

    Linked Cafe
    connect with good friends & great food

    Opening Scene (play off movie idea)

    Food & Flixs (play off movie idea)

    great food with a fresh attitude

    Hungry Hideout
    where good friends gather for great food!

    The Clubhouse
    where good friends go for great eats

    the only thing skinny are our prices

    Star Power
    our food "shines"

    Another idea would be to make up a word that will catch people's attention. Examples: Oovoo, google, twitter, etc. It works if you come up with the right word.

    Good luck.
  • Posted on Author
    Thank you everyone for your ideas.

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